CD RELEASE SHOW:  July 23rd at Dante’s
Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm.  Cover $8.00 advance / $8.00 door
Also on the bill: I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, Steve Wilkinson


Slow DragsJuly 23, 2011 at Dante’s, The Slow Drags will celebrate the memory of Scotland Barr with the release of the band’s posthumous double album, We Will Be Forgotten.  Doors will be at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.

Also on the bill are Steve Wilkinson and I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House; both bands will be playing their own sets, and covering a few Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags’ tunes as well.  Cover is $8.00 advance, $8.00 at the door.

Scott Barr Moritz (aka Scotland Barr), born October 28, 1965, passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer on September 1, 2009.  The front man for Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags, he left behind two alt. country/roots-rock albums: 2005’s Legionnaires Disease and 2008’sAll the Great Aviators Agree.

Also, at the time of his passing, he and the band were working on the band’s third full-length, a double album entitled We Will Be Forgotten.

The band, comprised of Bryan Daste (pedal steel), Zach Hinkelman (electric guitar), Chris Hubbard (keyboards), Jordan Korach (electric bass), and Andrew Nelson (drums), and Scott’s wife Stacy Moritz, worked relentlessly following Barr’s passing to complete We Will Be Forgotten.

A nineteen-track, two-disc set, Barr sings the eleven songs comprising disc one (some were finished vocal tracks; others were “guide vocals” that were edited to function as lead vocals).  Disc two consists of eight songs that feature guest vocalists from inside and outside the band.

Disc 1:

  • 1. Rock Solid
  • 2. Everybody Knows
  • 3. Love Is Pavement
  • 4. Eyes Like L.A.
  • 5. Right Where You’re Supposed To Be
  • 6. Venice These Days
  • 7. Turn Me Into Night
  • 8. Rasputin and Me
  • 9. Washing Over Me
  • 10. Smile Christine
  • 11. You’re Gonna Be All Right

Disc 2 (with vocalists):

  • 1. We Will Be Forgotten, part I – Mont Chris Hubbard
  • 2. Stretch Your Arms Out – Chris Robley (Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights)
  • 3. Stones of Poor Farm Hill – Tyler Stenson (solo artist)
  • 4. Love Like Iron – Tony Fulgham (Jackrabbit)
  • 5. Devil’s Blood – Morgan Geer (Drunken Prayer)
  • 6. We Will Be Forgotten, part II – Mont Chris Hubbard
  • 7. New Machine – Bryan Daste
  • 8. Heart Floats On – Morgan Geer, Tyler Stenson, and Phil Favorite and Mark Dybvig (The Lonesomes)


“Finishing Scott’s last album was extremely important to me.  It’s not so much closing a chapter as simply finishing something that needed to be done.  Scott continues to be a strong presence in my life so I don’t know that the chapter will ever close,” says Barr’s wife, Stacy Moritz.  “The song ‘Love Like Iron’ became the anthem I heard in my head while working through finishing this album.”

“Scotland Barr was a relentlessly creative man. From the genius of his culinary creations to the brilliance of his songwriting, he always sought to make an impact. In his mind, there just wasn’t time to be boring. His dreams were his mission statement, and there was work to be done,” reads the liner notes to We Will Be Forgotten, which will include a 20-page booklet in the 6-panel sleeve digipack.  “When Scotland passed away, with this album only a third of the way to completion, the band ran off the rails. We had his songs, but it turned out that Scotland was more than our creative force – he was both our conductor and our prime mover, and there we were, left to push the train by hand.  Without the guiding direction of Scotland’s dreams and the force of his passion, those of us who were left to complete the work you now hold in your hands often felt lost, but we found our way, knowing that this album was all we had with which to honor the man who inspired us all, and that finishing it with love was our only path.  As his bandmates and friends, we are sad that Scotland is no longer around to entertain us with hilarious stories or made-up lyrics, to hit the road to support this album, or simply to hang out over Peking Duck. Yet his songs and his voice remain. We believe we’ve made something that not only honors him, but that he would love.  May we hear him dream forever.”

In an email to friends and family after Barr’s passing, Barr’s wife wrote, “He once asked me ‘Why do all these people care?’  I thought for a minute and said, ‘Because you have touched their lives.’  He smiled at me and said, ‘That’s nice.’  I think we sometimes forget the impact we can have on others around us on a daily basis even if it is small.  What I have learned from this is that we shouldn’t let things slide.  We should give compliments and praise often and with sincerity, even for the little things and we should insist upon dealing immediately with the ‘hurts’ that come along so they don’t fester and become a systemic infection.  Scott was a role model for both of these.”

Even after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Barr’s uplifting, spirited personality was not worn.  He still encouraged his friends, while working tirelessly on finishing his dream of a double album.

Further discussing her anthem, “Love Like Iron,” Moritz says, “I was very pleased that Tony Fulgam [of the band Jackrabbit] agreed to record [the vocals].  Tony is family and Scott valued family and appreciated Tony’s talent musically. I think The Slow Drags produced a lovely piece with that song.  When I hear it in my head it is bigger, louder, and angrier.  I sing it with gritted teeth and a clenched fist. But then that is how I feel about losing Scott.”

Choking back tears, she adds, “This album is an important part of Scott’s legacy.  His music will be with us forever but it has a limited scope. He won’t be turning anymore phrases or writing any more hooks.  This is it.”

In a letter to their mailing list, via their website, the band recently wrote, “While it’s taken far longer than what we intended, the double album is packed with great music.  Half of the tracks are sung by Scotland, with the remaining tracks coming from local musicians that have had strong ties with the band.  We are proud of the work we’ve done and we can’t wait to let you all hear it.  Thank you for sticking with us, for donating time and money to the band, and for keeping hope alive.  This album is a testament to Scotland’s songwriting and the unbridled creativity that he held.”

“He will forever be remembered for his two loves: music and food,” says his wife with pride.  “As an acclaimed singer/songwriter, he worked tirelessly at his craft developing melodies and writing lyrics, never resting until he felt they were complete.  As an exceptional foodie, he co-founded Salvador Molly’s Restaurant, and created the renowned Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce; Secret Aardvark’s fans are legion and the sauce can be found on the majority of Portland’s restaurant tables.  Secret Aardvark will continue to grow and flourish!  Our mission is world domination and I plan to do everything I can to make that happen.   I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated in this album.  To those who recorded various sections thank you for all your time and hard work and to those who wouldn’t let me give up on finishing this you will forever be in my heart.”

Scott Barr Mortiz passed away on his couch, at home, with his wife by his side.  An avid surfer and fan of the ocean, his ashes were spread out in the Pacific Ocean near his mother’s house in San Diego.

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