THE REEKERS ARE BACK!  The “one hit wonder” band from the 1960’s (“What A Girl Can’t Do”) recently had there first single “I Can’t Believe” b/w “Don’t Call me Flyface” re-issued as a 45 r.p.m. on Mo-Shee Records (Portland, Oregon) and distributed by Mississippi Records (Portland, Oregon).  The “Meet The Reekers” CD is available on

Reekers lead guitarist, Tom Guernsey is currently living in Portland, where he is making a film about The Reekers, “The Girl From California”, with plans to re-unite the band in Portland in early 2012. Below are links for the Reekers 45 re-issue (the first of three), their one hit, and a few short clips from the film:

The Reekers: “I Can’t Believe” (2011) (“A” side of 45 rpm
reissue…filmed in Portland, OR)

Reekers “Don’t Call Me Flyface” (“B” side of 45 rpm reissue…filme
in London)

The Hangmen (The Reekers) “What A Girl Can’t Do”
(The Reekers #1 east coast hit that bumped The Beatles “We Can Work It Out”/Day Tripper” to #2)

The Reeker’s biggest fan (from the film “The Girl From California:

Reeker’s Tom G visits KBOO FM in Portland, Oregon

Outtake reel from The Reekers film, “The Girl From California” (filmed in Portland, Oregon)

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  1. And best of all, great music. I wish I had lived in Garrett Park when the Reekers were hot, or that they could have made a music video back then. But hey, it’s not too late! That after all is what the Girl From California is all about. Keep up the good work Tommy G.

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