The Bangles

the Roseland Theater, November 6 th 2011

text and photos by Brent Angelo

With the release of their newest cd, Sweetheart of the Sun, the Bangles took to the road in support of the cd and to celebrate their 30th anniversary in music. The band brought their show to the Roseland Theater. Before the show, the Bangles treated their fans to a rare in store record store appearance at Portland’s own Music Millennium. It was a real treat to see all of the Bangles up close and personal. Debbi Peterson, Susanna Hoffs and Vicki Peterson all were present and gave their fans that chance they always wanted. The ladies seemed very happy and glad to be there. The concert that followed was simply put – a blast. The Bangles came out to an enthusiastic crowd. They wasted no time by kicking off the show with Anna Lee, their cool first single of the new album. The new cd, Sweetheart of the Sun is classic Bangles filled with great harmonies and music that is straight from the heart. It was great to hear those new tracks live and they went over like they were long time favorites. The Bangles also treated their fans to tracks from throughout their musical history. They touched on every album they have put out really giving old and new fans a good mix of live songs to hear at the show. A show highlight and I could even say a tour highlight might have been their impromptu encore of Dover Beach. That song is simply a hardcore Bangle’s fan favorite. I personally have wanted to hear it for like 25 years. It doesn’t get played live very often, but from a simple request from me, they played it. How awesome is that? These ladies are the real deal. There are no egos here folks. It is a rarity in music to find people like them, who still care that way for the fans. They all put on a great concert, sounded in great form, looked incredible (like they haven’t aged a day) and left the fans wanting more. I hope the wait will not be as long for the next show. I thank the Bangles for their trip to Portland, their kindness at the record store and for still putting on a great show live. If you are looking to buy a cd, let me recommend Sweetheart of the Sun and if you want to see an awesome live show, you missed it.

There was one thing I noticed and one small thing I wanted to add. The Bangles have two strong women out front in concert being Susanna Hoffs and Vicki Peterson, but I think Debbi Peterson gets overlooked at times being behind the drums. There was a moment when both of the spotlights were on Susanna and Vicki while Debbi was in the background. Debbi is a strong drummer and great singer as well. Her vocals are key in songs like Going Down to Liverpool and Live not to mention she has the most famous whistle on record. I just wish she could be more up front with the other two Bangles. I loved the acoustic segments as they brought her from behind the drums and up front in her deserving spotlight as well. In bands like Night Ranger, they bring the drums up front and I think the Bangles could benefit from that too. Each member of the group is just as important as the other and I think the fans would love to have them all up front. All in all, the Bangles are amazing women and musicians….we love each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing what is next from the Bangles…..come back soon

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