PG3 prefunk!

PG3 prefunk!

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Emotional Blues

Me:  “I was never a fan of the Blues before spending 4 days at the Blues Festival.  That Buddy Guy I tell ya … he’s the one that got to me.  By the time the fourth day rolled around, I didn’t know what hit me.  I don’t know if I can find the words to des…”

Dad:  “Oh shit.  The Blues are way emotional.”

That ain’t no lie.  When I ended the conversation with my dad after telling him I had the pleasure of seeing some old Blues greats that he grew up with, I realized he felt what I felt.  Before going to the Blues Fest I could have cared less about the genre.

When I moved to Portland over ten years ago, I flooded my music collection with Indie Rock and other variations of Rock.  During those ten years I ignored the Blues Fest and simply drove over the Hawthorne bridge not giving a thought to what was taking place down there.  I may have even said to myself thank god i am not down there in that mess of man sweat and overpriced food & beer.  This year the opportunity fell into my lap to attend the Blues Fest with a special press pass in effort to capture several interviews for a documentary from national and local acts.  I had the pleasure of being behind the camera to film interviews with several musicians and those responsible for the festival’s success.  Ultimately, this footage along with previous years’ footage will be rolled into one documentary, which I will be splicing under the direction of TyPod.  I look forward to diving in and I my heart and ears will only grow fonder of the Blues.

PS – The price of food and beer at the festival is better and cheaper than … oh … what you would find at a meh-McMenamin’s establishment.

~Daisy Chain



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