Brent Rogers

Audio Engineer, Producer, and Musician

by Stacy Brockett

Brent rogers at rEX Recording
Brent Rogers at Rex Recording

Q: What does surround sound production, audio recording, and ISDN all have in common?

A: Brent Rogers.

Brent Rogers, originally from Texas, provides a full host of audio services to the city of Portland. Not only does Brent offer his talents in the production arena, but he has been making his own original music with bands and as a solo performer over the years.

Currently, Brent works as an engineer at Rex Studios in SW Portland. Rex offers production and post-production audio/video services including voice-overs for commercials, 5.1 surround sound implementation, video editing & animation, and sound effects. It’s what you would call a full-service studio. If you want to make a commercial, if you need help putting together and editing your company’s profile video, if you want to spice up the sound on sports footage – the engineers, producers, editors, and staff at Rex can offer their expertise and talents. They got it all there. It’s like a little slice of LA without the BS.

Brent and Russ Gorsline, owner of Rex studio.Brent and Russ Gorsline, owner of Rex studio.

Rex uses a unique but efficient and noise-free technology to connect to other studios. It’s called ISDN. Those with any sort of telecommunications knowledge might scoff at the name itself. People turned to ISDN when dial-up wasn’t sufficient and when DSL was struggling to make a presence. ISDN turned out to be the cheapest all-in one communications bundle to offer voice and data with little to no latency. It was an expansive technology, yet only had to travel across two pair of copper telephone wires. To some that is commonly known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). ISDN makes it possible for one meeting to take place in multiple locations – one solid connection capturing the video, data, and audio. In the world of audio recording, It makes it possible for a single recording session to take place in two different studios. Both studios must have ISDN service where one dials into the other … and it simply bridges the connection. Rex uses an MPEG Layer 2 protocol at 128K mono and 64kbs/48khz. This level of reliability, believe it or not, cannot be achieved using broadband DSL or cable. Rex is also using a newer ProTools IP based system called Source Connect for the ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) work on the TV show “Leverage” (starring Timothy Hutton) that is being shot in Portland. We control both the ProTools session in Portland and in LA via IP and then we transfer the files via FTP after the session.

Brent Rogers is not just jumping on the ISDN highway recording multiple talents in multiple locations, he is mastering the art of surround sound. He knows left to right and front to back like no other. Brent cranks up the monitors and uses computer software to control the direction of multiple audio files so that it resembles what you might here in a modern movie theater. This is what is referred to as post-production audio engineering. In other words, he can boost the sound for professional productions so that it is compatible with multiple speakers in a 5.1 channel setting. He takes the sound to a whole different level making a huge impact to the human ears.

Brent also takes his recording studio to a portable level. He has captured live recordings from such venues as Arlene Schnitzer Hall and Newmark Theatre. Rumor has it that Brent is actually the first person to wire the Schnitz for a clear, crisp multi-channel live recording at a music venue. As a matter of fact, the mics and cables are still intact.

brent Rogers working the boardIf you’re a Blazer’s fan, you know Brent Rogers. He is the music producer on two new jumbo-tron openers, Storm Large with Kleveland performing, “Ballroom Blitz” and Western Aerial’s version of “Bobba O’Rielly.” The Blazers use about seven different openers at the games and they carry over from season to season. Also, Brent is the music producer of seven videos that show on Comcast and KGW at the start of the game. The videos feature various Portland artists performing their take on the TrailBlazer theme song. Billie Olson is the Trail Blazer’s project manager. He is responsible for organizing the talent. Brent and his crew have had acts such as Western Aerial, Curtis Delgado, and Storm Large come into Rex for the video production. It’s really all about the green screen. The green screen allows the ever-changing, snazzy background effects seen behind the musicians.

The truth is, Brent Rogers is responsible for many projects and the projects are all over the board. He is a man of many technical skills. However, his primary passion is his music. This is where Brent flexes his creative muscles and releases his talent through live gigs and professional recordings. He’s been in several different bands since a teenager … from Texas to Oregon. In 2008, Brent released a full-length album called “7 Years”. To hear samples go to The songs are actually quite diverse and eclectic, ranging from blues to country to rock to pop. Once again, this is where Brent proves he is a calico of many trades. And of course, he offers his studio engineering expertise and services to others who want to capture songs fit for an album. At Rex, they have high-end equipment and a studio design hard to surpass. Couple that with Brent’s audio recording skills and the playback will be crisp and clean as music can possibly sound.

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