In Memory of Stephen Spyrit:

April 18, 1961 – November 11, 2010

Stephen Spyrit

Stephen Spyrit died in November. Most any lover of local alternative music, of a certain age- especially those connected to the original Satyricon scene, would know Steve from his high standing within that community. His position held many duties. He exceeded at all of them.

Stephen Spyrit was an activist, a pacifist, a knowledgeable advisor, a sage counselor, a shoulder to cry on. He was a good friend to anyone who happened to meet him. He was a talented poet, a unique musician (member of the original Hitting Birth when it was a true experimental rock band), beloved yoga instructor, gifted astrologer and an erudite scholar- noted in numerous fields of expertise. And he was the bearer of vital knowledge regarding the spiritual well-being of all humans. He was a very wise man. A disinclined guru. A source of strength.

From the mid-‘80s and his earliest days back at the Stadium Inn near the ballpark at NW 20th and Burnside, Steve was a lightning rod for positive human activity and stimulating intellectual discourse. He nurtured people. He looked after them. It was the Stadium Inn where he regularly held court from behind the bar. He knew everyone who came into that little neighborhood dive- or he did, soon enough. He greeted the eclectic collection of eccentric patrons with total non-judgmental respect.

Later in the ‘80s Steve and his sidekick at the Stadium Inn, Bruno, became fixtures at Satyricon. It was Stephen Spyrit who, in April of 1990, calmly de-fused the legendary “Satyricon riot,” with peaceful paternal concern and benign tranquility. Without that serene lucidity, in the midst of a confusingly volatile situation, the “riot” would have been a far more serious and destructive event than the minor disruption it turned out to be. Good night Irene.

He unceasingly explored deep subjects: with a keen understanding of all-things natural and holy; writing numerous articles for an array of publications; dispensing invaluable instruction about Life and Living.

It’s sad to think about, but comforting, that because of the sacred teachings to which he subscribed, Steve was totally prepared to meet death head-on. He had every intention of  making it to the other side of existence and there is no doubt that he did just that.

Steve loved and enjoyed life and other people; and they loved and enjoyed him. His great, beautiful soul, will be sorely missed by all of his friends and family; but also, and perhaps even more importantly, by a world that needs all the wise spirits it can muster in these troubled times. We can all rest assured that Stephen Spyrit is still sending a positive message of hope and faith, wherever, in all time and space, he now resides.

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