One comment on “Rise and Shine

  1. Thank you! I found this cd in my car with a bunch of other crap and had no idea what it was. Actually the only reason I even played it was because I thought it was this “Rockin Polkas & Others” mix that a friend had made me years ago. Anyway, it wasn’t that, it was this, and you’re right — it’s great! There are a few songs I’m not crazy about, but lots of ones that I love — particularly the ones by Sara Jackson-Holman, Water Tower, Mew York Rifles and Typhoon — so many bands I need to hear more of! Anyway, I didn’t find a 2-CD-set in my car, I only found one CD – “shine” – with the first 20 songs on it, and so far my search for a place to get my hands on the other CD has turned up nada damn thing. Any ideas? Or this thing a one-press benefit special that’s gone forever?

    Either way, thanks for your great review, even though it looks like I’m a couple years late and you may not even see this. It was a very enjoyable read, and made my search worth it, Shine or no Shine. Cheers!

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