Management and Recording

Management Deals: The Basic Deal Points

Keeping one’s “creative child” side and “business shark” side alive at the same time is a hard job for anyone, whether a successful artist living in a pressure cooker type of environment, or a struggling new artist facing all of the frustrations of trying to get established in the music industry.

“Net Profit Deals”: A Recent Alternative to the Traditional Record Deal

In recent years there has been a rapidly increasing use of so-called “Net Profit Deals,” as an alternative to the traditional type of record deal. This has been the particularly true with indie label record deals.

The Different Kinds of Deals Involving Record Labels: A Thumbnail Sketch

Rather than discussing any particular kind of music business contract, I thought that it might be useful to give a thumbnail sketch of the various kinds of business deals between separate record labels, and also the various kinds of deals between record labels and distributors.

Record Producer Agreements: The Basics

In this article, I talk about the basics of record producer agreements, i.e., the kind of agreement used when a record company or a signed artist is hiring a record producer.

Recording Contracts: The Basic Concepts

There is probably no subject in the music business more frequently discussed, yet more misunderstood, than the subject of recording contracts.

Releasing Your Own Record: A 15-Point Legal Checklist

For artists who are releasing their own record for the first time, without the involvement or assistance of a label, the process can be a little intimidating. It can be easy to miss some key legal details in the process.

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