Joe Satriani
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Satch is always an exhilarating pleasure to watch and listen to, and you can count on his performance to be the very best. He has unique ability of playing past monster classics in just a way that satisfies the ‘play it the way I know it’ in all his fans, yet instinctively needles a new twist to them each time. Hearing the new compositions inspire both young and old to keep on following one of the greatest virtuosos of our age. He is the model of his category, and a living time-capsule of genre-bending styles; be it shred, melodic, straight ahead rock & roll or classic anthemic compositions, Joe can play as fast as the speed of sound, yet understands the spaces between notes. Sometimes its what you don’t play that counts.

Joe Satriani is once again, the man who defines what ‘continual birthing’ means for guitar players. Each time he unleashes new material, he at once tops himself from what he’s done previous, while instantly hooking you onto whatever he’s got up his sleeve next. He’s continually establishing new exciting sounds and unheard cries from his signature Ibanez.

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There’s a sort of Zen vs. Zorathustra quality about his approach to playing live. His movements and riffing are seemingly formal and calculating, except for what comes out of it is like an escalation to an exploding comet.

While he re-instates the utter importance of his catalogue, he is still forging the definition of what is to come for the future of his culture. We thirst for more.

After seeing him 5 times, this show was even more amazing than the last. He took us from clusters of new stuff, timeless classics, to little covered ‘b-sides’ and unreleased comps he wanted to throw out to us.
The crowd was mesmerized and gladly followed him into his foray of cosmic surf, along with the Alien, Flesh Giants and to greet the Wormhole Wizard himself.

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plays ‘epic live extravaganza’ this Saturday at Dantes!!!.

Don’t miss this historical show with the band’s long time friend and NEW drummer, Kevin Rankin. They are pulling out all the stops, featuring Go-Go dancers, Fire Erotica, Pin-Up Runway and more!

Western Aerial with new drummer Kevin Rankin
Western Aerial is L to R; Geoff MettsKevin RankinJimmy Richards.

Expect to be ROCKED so hard, you’ll all be wheeled out pillars of salt!

It’s easy to keep our collective ears off the ball among a continual assault of ho-hum acts, and one-hit-wonders..
This Saturday, Western Aerial will write a new chapter in rock & roll with a deadly new release and a power-house new drummer.

Western Arial PosterKevin Rankin may be the ‘new’ kid on the block, but he is NO stranger to this band, let alone rock & roll. Legend has it that Kevin hits so hard, John Bonham’s ghost can sometimes be seen to hover about the room.

Geoff Metts writes stone-cold hit songs among a plethora of saturated bands who flash in and out of the scene and plays guitar so efficiently, fans eyeball the stage looking for a 4th man.

Jimmy Richards eyes turn fire red under stage lights, no matter what color they are. He knocks every beer off the stage when he stomps, his hair gets fluffier and his head spins around 360 degrees every time they get it right…expect him to be spinning like a top!

Finally a band which takes the hum out of ho and has written more than several hit songs – even more yet to be written…stay tuned!


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