Official trailer for
Waterfront Blues Festival Documentary

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the official trailer for Buko TV produced Portland Waterfront Blues Festival full-feature film! All proceeds are to benefit the Oregon Food Bank and their wonderful efforts to feed hungry people and families in Oregon.

We started four years ago filming answers from the many walks of life and prototypes who make up the pulse of this seminal event. Adults, children, volunteers, music industry insiders, Security and stage peeps, Food Bank Representatives and even Peter Dammann!

It was also Peter who makes his premiere acting debut which will be seen in the movie’s intro!

Each category of people are asked a specific set of questions, with room for improvisational dialogue. Some of it was absolutely hilarious, heart warming, and sometimes tearjerking.

The film will show interviews with the Portland Statue guy who gives some great silent answers, Peter’s hilarious story about Solomon Burke and his 8 dozen roses. Jim Miller’s interview in front of the Honey Buckets under the bridge, and the subsequent crowd who gathered around him as he takes control of the mic and preaches so loudly about how awesome it all is!

The very private and very exclusive extended interview with Walter Trout at the “Motel 6″(thanx again, Jim Miller!) which was insightful, hilarious and heart wrenching. Very cool banter and comical interplay with the likes of Franco Palletta, Linda and Mark Hornbuckle, the balloon guy and the Portland Spirit ship Captain just to name a very few!

Robben Ford talks guitar style and influencing. Watch Bobby Rush talk blues history then accuse me of not listening to the music, but to just “Watch those asses shakin”’!” Taj Mahal talks about his early days, Rolling Stones, Jesse Ed Davis and Mount Gay Rum!

Elvin Bishop gushes about fishing and the great outdoors, Booker T explaining the ‘Dollar on the piano’ story. Ivan Neville talks about just about everything he knows about, and what its like to stay up all night with Keith Richards! Chris Thomas King, Lucky Peterson, Maceo Parker and many many more.

We interviewed just about everybody we could think of. Ones we all know and love along with people we don’t all know is what makes this kind of film a beautiful thing to behold. We are so excited and can’t wait till its done so everyone can see themselves!

There are over 5 hours of pure interview footage to choose from, which will juxtaposition with actual concert footage that David Jester and his crew have amassed over so many years.

We want to thank EVERYONE who have been helping and assisting us, especially the ones who put up with my constant whining and shirt pulling(you know who you are) to get us the access we needed.

Nothing is done without a wonderful crew.

Filming has been accomplished with a few people the first couple years. Cary Ray, Eric Stewart and Julie Garland. Stacy Brockett has done the last 2 years and is my right hand. Her insight, filming and editing skills are the heartbeat of BukoTV.

Joanie Hunt, Andrea Stellar and Brent Angelo have eyes like binoculars and microscopes…

Let the editing begin!


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Waterfront Blues Festival Documentary

  1. TERRIFIC, Ty! Can’t wait to hear some further testimonials to the uniqueness of the Waterfront Blues Fest… sorry, Bettye, but all that great music raising 1.3M for the Food Bank is something to get excited about!

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