Duane Jarvis
Slewfoot Records

The odds have long broken up, but reunited for a special evening for Duane Jarvis last month. They had very little trouble stirring up the flame from their colorful and prolific tenure in the northwest’s prolific new wave past at the Wonder Ballroom where he slipped me a copy of his newest effort.

Its amazing how the the recording just screams, “Relax” in his signature traditional style. DJ writes in an urgent but quietus fashion. He’s got this laid back style about him. His song writing and instrumental talents waiver somewhere between any number of John Prine songs and Foghat’s “Slowride.

Throughout the years Duane has been as pro-active and busy musician as any. He’s played along side key levels of top notched song-writing based musicians– Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakum,Prine and Dave Alvin have all summoned his help and expertise. Duane has a history of important collaborations and for his co-writing skills. This CD is fiercely melodious, and instrumentally infectious,He’s a song writing force to be reckoned with.

Jarvis delivers a ‘Stones’-style version of Ross Wilson’s “Come Back Again” with a Ray Davies style of delivery , and a banjo to boot.

Mandolin Moon has an Irish- Campfire style to it, and might recall melancholy feelings like Neil Young. Spread my Soul too Thin and “Beyond Beautiful” carry solemn tempers to them. Hey, who would’nt like a ballad leaving out unnecessary syrup?

I Miss you Already reminds me of what little I actually appreciate about country music. Actually, its a lot closer to western or “cowboy” than country.

Did Keith Richards lend his infectious riff capabilities to the title track, or has Duane been posthumously hangin’ with the ghost of Graham Parsons? Neither– That’s just Jarvis, carrying on deep traditions that the likes of ol’ Keith, the Flying Burrito Brothers or Charlie Rich. He saves the best rocker for last “Happy Town” attests to Jarvis’ well traveled boots in the roadhouse arena. Just listen to the last guitar refrains to confirm

Duane Jarvis is a musician within who is contained all the ingredients essential to perseverance. A great package of top notch self-written songs, and a group of top notch musicians to help him out. This CD attests to his extraordinary talents.

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