Linda Hornbuckle /Janis Scroggins
Psychedelta Records

Linda is nothing short of a NW legend as much as she is an international treasure. She is at once kind personality and a non-stop perseverance of vocal creativity, along with a sonic vocal talent.

Linda is a rock-solid performer who brings confirmation of what two strong musicians can accomplish together and have little need for accompany. There are only a few duo’s who are worth their salt, but these women have a tried and true sound forged strong throughout the years.

Janis Scroggins is Linda’s reference to “Sista”. The two fit together like a favorite puzzle that has just the right complexity to it, yet perfectly fits together with out any trouble… they ring as synonymous. Janis’ piano soloing during the title track is stellar, and Linda lays down a playful vocal style that modulates wonderfully. Janis has a delivery that combines gospel tone, ragtime and Vince Guaraldi “Linus-from-Charlie Brown” piano style. Together they are solid sister-act.

“St. Lewis Blues” reminds me of the wild west with its player piano feel, yet is really a blues song.

“If You Want Me To Stay” has a boogie-woogie funk appeal to it, makes me think of Stevie Wonder, Scott Joplin and Ray Charles all at the same time. Other tracks lay down a continuum of great era’s gone by, but not forgotten. Both “Thirties Interlude(written by Scroggins)” and “Miss Otis Regrets” carry antiquitous feel to them making them come across as classic. Linda is no stranger to gospel, having grown up singing in her church. “I Can Hear My Savior Calling”, along with the following Medley track delivers with redemptive insight.

Not many can be successful at covering such a song as Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday”. This is the first version I’ve heard that comes across original, yet sensitive to keep the authentic feel to the song in mind. Here, Linda succeeds and twists out a compelling rendition of her own. This is one of the reasons why so many have continued to enjoy Linda Hornbuckle’s performances and recordings over the years.

Her continued efforts in her own music, along with many collaborations with and for other musicians no-doubt has deepened her will and desire to narrow down and feel the music with her best friend Janis for this release.

Here they deliver something that lays both of their talents out bare with no filler, and I believe this is to become a classic record of its type and genre.

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