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Doug Fir Lounge 8.9.08

Sobriety from a seasoned and tortured individual has rarely been known to yield a lasting prophet. But it has its advantages. Keep centered, and persevere. Capitalize on problems, don’t promise anything, and inadvertently offer some kind of relief.

Greg sage, Fred Cole, Kurt Cobaine and Scott Weiland are a few who’ve honestly bared and shared themselves in such a way. Equally interesting they all yield from the N.W. in one way or another and firmly place their middle finger on the pulse of the human condition in their own dusky way, light a match and show us the way through the end of the some dark tunnels. In the end, we’re really all just looking for the light and searching for happiness.

The Wanteds have come along at just the right time. While they are borrowing much, they copy very little. This is gut wrenching rock and roll with a bit of Patty Smith and U2 thrown in.

If you’ve not heard the Wipers, you really ought to dig the comparison.

Tommy Harrington makes no secret of his penchant for excess; indulging in a literal cornucopia sized bales of cocaine(and the like I presume.) However, he has more recently been dabbling very seriously among the sober set – and writing, writing, writing. He is one of the more talented singer/songwriter/guitarists this town has to offer. Tommy takes no prisoners by throwing it all out. What’s on his mind, in his heart and on the plate in front of him. The result is something worth writing even more about…we have here, folks, a rock and roll treasure.

With this effort he brings on board Adam Mack(drums), and Ryan Mullen (bass). “Ryan has a unique melodic quality to his bass playing that is hard for a vocalist not to follow, so his influence has definitely helped in many ways”, says Tommy. The 2nd of 11 drummers they auditioned turned out the jewel among the sands. “We agreed drive to Yakima each week just to practice with Adam. The 3 of us collaborate very well, and it feels good”.

Tommy’s song writing skills have enhanced some for sure – basically EVERY song attests to this.
With its U2 continuum, “Ladysmith” starts off hooking me with its tone straight away. The tempo climbs steadily into a triumphant chorus. Tommy’s rhythmic strum crescendo’s into a hard SG lead thru his stomp box. Spot on professional recording by Supernatural Sound is to be commended in mixing levels, tipping the balance just short of blowing your eardrums with just the right distortion.

KUFO would be wise to start playing “Too Soon For Always” because it is HIT material. it drips with angst and gritty soul while soothing the senses with anticipation for the next cool lyric. “365” and “Limitless” are completely marketable rocker’s that keep on growing with each listen.

Other than Fernando or Danava, this is easily one of the better rock CD’s I’ve heard over the last couple years.

“Perfect” is yet another that yells, “I’m a hit!”. With its temporal intro beat, swelling into SO much substance that it reeks of talent. All of it; the guitar work, bass, drums and lyrical enriched with a succinct enunciation and prowess.

Indeed, only a seemingly imperfect performer, Tommy achieves command thru his flawed nature, which he successfully projects many faces, yet at the same time devoid of any mask whatsoever. Most anywhere, such idiom’s are deemed as enlightened.

Live Review

The Live show at Doug Fir was testament to Tommy’s soul-baring agility. Until vinyl becomes the norm for released material I’m not nearly as apt to whip out the miniature CD sleeve to find out if the dude has something to say; Tommy’s enunciation was a refreshing dose amongst the milieu of unintelligible vocalists- even live. People seemed frozen by the concentration of the trio, and had difficulty simply bobbing heads because of some kind of odd captivation. The band framed at times completely frozen, other times appearing like three trees swaying wildly back and forth almost falling face forward, then a successful recoil at the last second was all that seemed to keep their dicks out of the dirt. A riveting CD, a stirring live set…a purposeful band.

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