Phil Everly: Half of Everly-thing Is Gone

Early Promo circa1957
Early Promo circa1957


Only last week had it suddenly occurred to me how much time had gone by without stopping to think about Phil and DonBecoming absorbed in so many different artists over so much time is the M.O. of the over-musically involved, and sometimes creates a vacuity in which even the greatest gods in our euphonic canons can become more than temporarily dismissed. Shameful!

Suddenly, I found myself  reminiscing about these two being the first musicians I ever heard and instantly fell in love with. How are they doing? How old are they now? And what, if anything, are they doing these days?  Wonder what they think of this release?’ Thinking, ‘I Need to look them up one day soon’.

Their vast musical legacy darted thru my head, all because of an NPR album review of Norah Jones and Billy Joe Armstrong‘s new Tribute to the Everly Brothers called, “Foreverly Brothers“.

It also reminded me that the very first record I fell in love with also had the first song I ever learned to sing and play to. It was 1967 when my parents played “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” from The Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits on our Solid State Hi-Fi combo receiver/record player, and the photo on the back of the album showed 2 thin and cooly dressed dudes with thick wavy hair, form-fitting trousers and pointy boots  recording in the studio. Suddenly I wanted to be 20. They looked so cool, and I couldn’t wait to grow up and look just like them.

The other record was Charlie Rich‘s “Behind Closed Doors”, but that’s an entirely different story.

Silver Threads and Golden Needles-1960: 


Phil Everly died on January 3rd after a 60 year career, interestingly enough, on my mother’s birthday. For it was she who played me that record with the song I was SO enthralled with, it inspired me all those years ago. He was 74.

So many artists from their time and many many more after, right up to this very instant owe much to Phil and Don, whether they meant to or not. That kind of original sound, married with good looks, well-crafted songwriting and great guitar playing rounded out all that any musician, duo or more could ask for. They had “Everly-thing”(Good God, did I just coin that?).

Their vocal blend was unique to the time and was revolutionary, save for their possible influence from early western artists, or actors who forged that “High and Lonesome” sound in old B&W westerns. And isn’t that the very idea? Take what you’ve seen others do and make it into your own. I think they got that covered from the outset.

Simon and Garfunkel took major notes and cues from them. Paul Simon hits the nail on the head in calling them “The greatest and most accomplished song-duo I’ve ever heard. Both voices pristine and soulful. What they witnessed helped forge the early history of rock and roll.” I would kindly add that it seems they did this mostly thru a country portal. Dvinity at its finest.

The Beatles borrowed from them heavily, both in sound and in wardrobe. Seeing John and Paul singing into the same microphone, with their guitars cinched tightly up to their chests, with the crisp form-fitting suits and needle-nose boots. George Harrison’s country influence further married the Beatles sound firmly to the E-Bros. Well, that and a little Chet Atkins, Yet the Fab Four may very likely owe more to the them than, say, Chuck Berry or the blues guys they borrowed and admired from often. It is said they once referred to themselves as “the English Everly Brothers”. This is evident in songs like “Please Please Me” when compared to, say, EBros “Cathy’s Clown“.

The Beatles Please Please Me: 


Maaca had given another nod to them in his 1976 hit, “Let em In“, when he sings, “Martin Luther, Aunty Gin, Brother Michael, Phil and Don….open the door and, let em in!” Hall & Oates borrowed heavily from the EBros vocal stylings, then married it with their own pop and R&B sensibilities and singular song-writing skills. Importantly, Daryl and John are the only songwriting duo to ever out-sell the EB’s.

From George Jones and Tammy Wynnett’s two part harmonies, to the Statler Brothers four part and the The Righteous Brothers respectively. The Beach Boys and many more have all have used the Everly Brothers’ signature rule of Diatonic Thirds, where the same melody is singularly sung by two or more singers. One is simply contrasting an octave higher.

Elvis came around close enough to the same time. So close maybe that the three of them may have been more like ships passing in the night than had time to cull sound or moves at the outset. But one can’t help but think there were some kind of gleanings from on in both camps. There are some similarities in vocals, hair, dress and those high clinging guitars. Elvis stood alone…but his contrasting baritone harmony came from JD Sumner, who was fitfully hidden at the side, accompanying beautifully to Elvis’ Phil tinged tenor harmonies. and from this writer’s perspective the similarities tip heavier in the brothers favor- if ever so slightly.

Bye Bye Love and Interview Merv Griffin-1966:


Linda Ronstadt and Reba McEntire released the Everly Bros penned super-hit “When Will I Be Loved”, and even had the brothers sing on the chorus. The Hollies, Crosby Stills and Nash…and Young, and so on and so on, all parlayed the insatiable magnetic pull of the Everly Brothers’ sound. Glenn Campbell and his Daughter Debby‘s rendition of Let It Be Me was a gripping duet in the EB’s tradition. I always thought of Glenn as the missing third Everly brother. Certainly equal in talent for just one guy.

More recently, Keith Richards and Norah Jones sang a beautiful( yes, I said beautiful) Everly Brothers cover of “Love Hurts” during a Graham Parsons tribute in 2004. Graham had popularized the song in his own style.  As original and off-the-cuff as these two artists are, even Keef and Norah couldnt keep from dripping Phil and Don. They did a superb rendition as a wink and a nod to the style that even Graham himself loved to portray…the Everly Brothers.

Keith Richard and Norah Jones- Love Hurts:


Its quite remarkable that a total of three Everly Brother tribute records were released in 2013. The Chapin Sisters album, A Date With the Everly Brothers. Also Bonnie Prince Billy and Dawn McCarthy’s What the Brothers Sang.

It is of no surprise then, that Norah would come full circle and pay fitting tribute to the Everly Brothers from that performance, and/or other similar performances. Undoubtedly, someone has mentioned to her how much she calls the EBros to mind, as she instantly did me.

Its uniquely comforting knowing that Phil himself most likely was aware of these Tributes.  They usually come much after an artists passing, which is far too late. Who knows, maybe thats all Phil was waiting for.


Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones – “Foreverly”


As is traditional with southern belief and affectation, it seems safe to assume that Phil was met at the pearly gates by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Hank Williams, George Jones, John and George…George Jones; God assuredly said, “Brother Michael, Aunty Gin, Phil and Don. Open the door and…let em in.”




Rolling Stone has the Everly Brothers listed at 33 on their list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

The Everly Brothers had 35 Billboard Top-100 singles, 26 in the top 40. They hold the record for the most Top-100 singles by any duo, and trail only Hall & Oates for the most Top-40 singles by a duo.

In the UK, they had 30 chart singles, 29 in the top 40, 13 top 10 and 4 at No. 1 between 1957 and 1984. They had 12 top-40 albums between 1960 and 2009.

In 1986, the Everlys were among the first 10 artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During the ceremony, they were introduced by Neil Young, who said “Every musical group I’ve belonged to tried and failed to copy the Everly Brothers’ harmonies.”

In 1997 the brothers were awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.


Oregon Music Hall of Fame interviews

Its time again to recognize the very best musicians who have made history and helped shape our incredible music scene!

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies come every year sometime in October. The performances and artist speeches are exclusive, one-of-a-kind and get better and better each year. Many times the performances and appearances are one-time-only, as many of the artists live in different parts of the world or do not perform as they were all those years ago. But because of the magnitude of the circumstances, as well as the OMHOF mission of helping to fund music education programs for needy children, is often reason enough to reconsider practicing those old songs, try on that old stage suit or drop old grudges to reform with original line-ups. And they travel from near and far to rise to the occasion…thankfully for us!

Any music fan, especially Portland music fans owe it to themselves to never miss the opportunity to get the chance at hearing and seeing and experiencing history being made…up close and personal. You can’t see this ANYWHERE else!

We here at BUKO TV feel very fortunate to be able to sit down and talk to them all personally so we can bring some of the great things they have to say right to you! Here is your backstage pass for exclusive interview cuts of some of last years Inductees!

KGON’s Iris Harrison. Mark Hudson, EVERCLEAR, DK Stewart, Calvin Walker and the unforgettable U-Krew! You’ll see rising music star and OMHOF sponsor Geoff Metts showcase his custom made OMHOF guitar and talks about its inception. World famous Mark Hudson talks about what its like writing songs with Ringo Starr…and singing into the same microphone next to Steven Tyler‘s child-bearing lips! DK Stewart talks songwriting and, just exactly how one does that. How does he do it anyway?

Art Alexakis talks about moving to Portland and getting close that “Father Of Mine”. U-Krew talk their mutinous beginnings helping to originate early rap & hip-hop days, and Iris Harrison makes an exclusive announcement in this segment…for the 1st time to the public…

Only here on BUKO TV! This year’s Induction Ceremony is Saturday, Oct. 5th at the Aladdin Theater. Go to, the Aladdin or Music Millennium!

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame honors Oregonians who have made outstanding contributions to, or significant impact on the evolution, development, and perpetuation of the music industry. These contributions can be on a national, regional, or local level. Nominees must have been born in Oregon, or have lived or operated in Oregon sometime during their lifetime. Join us!

Official trailer for
Waterfront Blues Festival Documentary

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the official trailer for Buko TV produced Portland Waterfront Blues Festival full-feature film! All proceeds are to benefit the Oregon Food Bank and their wonderful efforts to feed hungry people and families in Oregon.

We started four years ago filming answers from the many walks of life and prototypes who make up the pulse of this seminal event. Adults, children, volunteers, music industry insiders, Security and stage peeps, Food Bank Representatives and even Peter Dammann!

It was also Peter who makes his premiere acting debut which will be seen in the movie’s intro!

Each category of people are asked a specific set of questions, with room for improvisational dialogue. Some of it was absolutely hilarious, heart warming, and sometimes tearjerking.

The film will show interviews with the Portland Statue guy who gives some great silent answers, Peter’s hilarious story about Solomon Burke and his 8 dozen roses. Jim Miller’s interview in front of the Honey Buckets under the bridge, and the subsequent crowd who gathered around him as he takes control of the mic and preaches so loudly about how awesome it all is!

The very private and very exclusive extended interview with Walter Trout at the “Motel 6″(thanx again, Jim Miller!) which was insightful, hilarious and heart wrenching. Very cool banter and comical interplay with the likes of Franco Palletta, Linda and Mark Hornbuckle, the balloon guy and the Portland Spirit ship Captain just to name a very few!

Robben Ford talks guitar style and influencing. Watch Bobby Rush talk blues history then accuse me of not listening to the music, but to just “Watch those asses shakin”’!” Taj Mahal talks about his early days, Rolling Stones, Jesse Ed Davis and Mount Gay Rum!

Elvin Bishop gushes about fishing and the great outdoors, Booker T explaining the ‘Dollar on the piano’ story. Ivan Neville talks about just about everything he knows about, and what its like to stay up all night with Keith Richards! Chris Thomas King, Lucky Peterson, Maceo Parker and many many more.

We interviewed just about everybody we could think of. Ones we all know and love along with people we don’t all know is what makes this kind of film a beautiful thing to behold. We are so excited and can’t wait till its done so everyone can see themselves!

There are over 5 hours of pure interview footage to choose from, which will juxtaposition with actual concert footage that David Jester and his crew have amassed over so many years.

We want to thank EVERYONE who have been helping and assisting us, especially the ones who put up with my constant whining and shirt pulling(you know who you are) to get us the access we needed.

Nothing is done without a wonderful crew.

Filming has been accomplished with a few people the first couple years. Cary Ray, Eric Stewart and Julie Garland. Stacy Brockett has done the last 2 years and is my right hand. Her insight, filming and editing skills are the heartbeat of BukoTV.

Joanie Hunt, Andrea Stellar and Brent Angelo have eyes like binoculars and microscopes…

Let the editing begin!


Don’t Worry Music Millennium, Help Is On the Way!


As always, there are a million reasons to shop at Music Millennium. Now there’s one more, and it may be the most important reason of all. The details are not mine to tell, but confirmed word is out that MM got pinched for a substantial amount of money- apparently enough to nearly close the store.

Owner Terry Currier is not one to complain, but some of us will upon hearing such things, and we are here to help..right? right!!

It is no secret that Terry is a friend to all and the first guy to help anyone in need. I think of all the MANY charities and fundraisers he’s spearheaded over the years.

After a little pressing, he revealed:

“It was a scary thought in the fall thinking I may have to close. I had both a financial analyst and a consultant come in. Each session, the discussion of having to close was in it….not something I wanted to do but  unfortunately was very close to. I’ve been scraping it out with the credit departments in what is like an intense chess match and so far staying in the game.”

A scary proposition and harsh reality indeed.  Doesn’t look like MM is close to being out of the woods yet- thus the call-to-action. What the hell are we gonna do? I know, let’s show MM how much we care about this wonderful place which has brought so much musical joy to so many throughout the years.

And really, can we afford anymore unemployment in this country? This state? How many great employees does MM have? And how many hundreds(thousands?!) of people have they employed since 1969? How many more in the next 45 years? It could end up none. Then where are you going to go for all the great music categories, in-stores and nicknacks found no where else? I for one cannot imagine never going up there to see Terry Currier sitting behind the glass working away, then upon seeing me he waves and makes the special effort to get up and come out to talk to me…like he does to anyone who visits.

I just went to the store and purchased Philip Norman’s new giant Mick Jagger biography, Carlos Santana’s new “Guitar Heaven” CD, the brand new Doors L.A. Woman DVD, a Frank Zappa T-shirt and an absolutely cool walking robot that’s almost a foot tall. How much for all that? Only $50.

My budget is tight, but I don’t need to go out tonight cuz I went out today and got a bunch of cool shit from one of the greatest places around!

Now its your turn to go and get a few cool things while giving back to one of the few businesses that always gives back. Enjoy!”




Western Aerial

I’m Painting a Picture of a Western Aerial:
Summer’s Here Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll Extravaganza

I wouldn’t advocate sex, drugs, rock &roll, alcohol or lewd and vain behavior to anyone. So my medical advice  is to see Western Aerial anytime you can and you’ll get all the above….in one dose. Its much more fun, easier on the pocketbook and there’s absolutely no cut.
No argument here that there are dozens of top notch bands hailing from PDX. Equally inarguable, is that  Western Aerial is the defining and unparalleled factor for hard-rock in the region. Not an offhanded muttering or breathless whisper has been confirmed to the contrary thus far. This can only mean their super show this Saturday will be packed with music fiends from far and wide.

While the execs upstairs have been listening for the next Justin Beiber, snorting tic tacs and losing at Nintendo, Geoff Metts has been writing hit songs. And somehow, thru the familiarity of the riffage and percussion, this band attains something very unique among a plethora of saturated bands who flash in and out of the scene. Charisma, talent and pure desire to succeed.
Sometimes I wonder if the distraction of one-hit-wonders keeps our collective ears off the ball. This power trio’s been batting record home runs since the first day they arrived.

I distinctly remember the first WA show I attended. Earlier that night I pulled up their website. I had to loosen my collar listening to tracks like “Fifteen”, “Wait” and “Hot as Hell“.  My usually cool and dark basement office began to glow, engulfed by a sweltering heat. A ravenous magnetism summoned an intense desire to bolt up, play air guitar, slam a beer and jump up and down wildly.
The music pounded, adrenaline surged. And somewhere between my sweaty thrashing and sheer decibel levels, heat-seeking fruit flies were suddenly everywhere, hovering and batting wildly above the speakers. The little fiends stuck to the walls and wallowed in my cup of crude liquor like pigs in a vat. I flapped my arms wildly, threw on my coat  and left for the show or I’d surely be consumed like a rotten banana.

Finally down at the club, rejoicing at my narrow escape, all seemed normal until Geoff struck the first chord- turning a December night in a cavernous room into a tepid and swampous boiler room of sweat infused delerium.
And suddenly, there they were…again!  It was hard to see in the darkness of the room, except for the flashes of stage lights and clicking cameras. This time they seemed to have grown much, much bigger. They screamed and yelled, donning leather jackets, tattoos and assorted jewelry. They were swilling beer again and hovering around the speakers. For a brief moment I thought the little bastards had followed me down. Then the thick swarm roared when Geoff said, “How many of you people want to rock and fucking roll?” A grand relief came over me that I was among my own kind.

That’s when I realized that no one can quite touch what they do. To see Western Aerial is  like dipping a greedy middle finger for a taste of all the things we shouldn’t have, except you don’t feel guilty about it the next day.

Expect to be impressed from this ‘pull-all-stops-at-all-costs’ band . Pretty sure they will kick out the right songs from their substantial catalogue while pulling beastly gems from their upcoming release.

To top the epiphanic experience, highly rated Stripperland contenders, the Dragonflies and American Bastard will stomp this show down through the cement, echo throughout the Shanghai Tunnels and shoo the ghosts back into the Willamette.
Meanwhile, you’ll be safe and (very) warm above, batting wildly in the air… with the fruitflies.

Saturday, 9pm at Dante’s- 1 SW 3rd ave PDX

Check the Facebook link below and join:

Garden of Eden Bass Player, Mark Van Der Werff Memorial

Marko passed away last night fittingly on Memorial Day. The Garden of Eden bass player was stricken ill w/ several major health problems a few months ago and had decided to take control and spend his last few days at home where he was most comfortable.

Garden of Eden is one of Portland’s most embraced metal bands. Headed by leader singer/ guitarist Dan Crenshaw, they’ve been on the scene at least since 1985, playing w/ the likes of Metallica, Ratt, Great White, B.O.C., Pat Travers and many, many more.
Marko brought a fit and style to this band that is simply described as…one-of-a-kind.

Surmounting medical bills w/ no viable insurance is a common place issue of our age, setting the scene for many years of political divide to come. The battle for  universal coverage where everyone pays something to share the load has been forever contrasted against the private sector, where everyman is for himself. While hard lines are being drawn and bitter arguments ensue, good people like Marko everywhere are caught in the trap.

several months in a hospital can generate astronomical costs.
It matters not whether a patient lives or dies, as the bills are generated regardless.

Please help show your love and support with many in the music community this Saturday in celebrating the life and music of one of PDX’ best and most dedicated players.

There will be no shortage of great music . 6 top notch metal bands will be there to help rock Marko to the heavens.

God speed Marko!

Exclusive Buko TV video interview w/ Black “N Blue backstage!

Typod’s exclusive interview with ALL 5 members of the original line-up, filmed just before going on stage to accept their award for outstanding achievement by the Oregon Music Hall of Fame and play a riveting set of stone-cold hits, obscure sleepers and newly penned rocker’s, from their May 13th scheduled release titled, “Hell Yeah!”

Admissions of torrid sex parties, legendary bar-room tabs or fist-fights with Axl Rose? Garden-row sized rails behind the amps? Not a chance.
However.. backstage in a secret room, the band intimately tells us about the importance of music education, their influences, touring details and how they all still get along at nearly 30 years…a rare beast in this industry. Perez Hilton’s got nothing on us, baby.

A Portland creation, Black “N Blue was formed 1981 by Cleveland, Lake Oswego and Sunset High School students, developing themselves into one of the forefront hair/metal bands of the period- and making an indelible mark & influence upon the genre.
They eventually attracted the attention of Gene Simmons, who subsequently Produced their next couple albums, helping to blow album sales in excess of a million units.
Jaime St. James later went on to join immensely popular and successful band Warrant, while Tommy Thayer kept in contact w/ Gene, eventually being invited to join Kiss in 2002- assuming “Spaceman”, Ace Frehley’s lead guitar position.

Buko was there from the very beginning with Two Louies Magazine, covering and shooting the band in virtually every show at the time. The entire Buko crew had an immensely great time hanging with these guys, and it was especially great for me to interview them.

Pssst! If you weren’t in attendance at the 2010 OMHOF Award Ceremony, you missed an all-star jam with the Kingsmen and Black “N Blue, along with various other legendary musician’s and Inductees. If you weren’t there, suffice it to say, you shoulda been!

The great part is, that now you can see a bit of what you may have missed, and meet these guys through Buko TV. Enjoy.


plays ‘epic live extravaganza’ this Saturday at Dantes!!!.

Don’t miss this historical show with the band’s long time friend and NEW drummer, Kevin Rankin. They are pulling out all the stops, featuring Go-Go dancers, Fire Erotica, Pin-Up Runway and more!

Western Aerial with new drummer Kevin Rankin
Western Aerial is L to R; Geoff MettsKevin RankinJimmy Richards.

Expect to be ROCKED so hard, you’ll all be wheeled out pillars of salt!

It’s easy to keep our collective ears off the ball among a continual assault of ho-hum acts, and one-hit-wonders..
This Saturday, Western Aerial will write a new chapter in rock & roll with a deadly new release and a power-house new drummer.

Western Arial PosterKevin Rankin may be the ‘new’ kid on the block, but he is NO stranger to this band, let alone rock & roll. Legend has it that Kevin hits so hard, John Bonham’s ghost can sometimes be seen to hover about the room.

Geoff Metts writes stone-cold hit songs among a plethora of saturated bands who flash in and out of the scene and plays guitar so efficiently, fans eyeball the stage looking for a 4th man.

Jimmy Richards eyes turn fire red under stage lights, no matter what color they are. He knocks every beer off the stage when he stomps, his hair gets fluffier and his head spins around 360 degrees every time they get it right…expect him to be spinning like a top!

Finally a band which takes the hum out of ho and has written more than several hit songs – even more yet to be written…stay tuned!


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