Don’t Worry Music Millennium, Help Is On the Way!


As always, there are a million reasons to shop at Music Millennium. Now there’s one more, and it may be the most important reason of all. The details are not mine to tell, but confirmed word is out that MM got pinched for a substantial amount of money- apparently enough to nearly close the store.

Owner Terry Currier is not one to complain, but some of us will upon hearing such things, and we are here to help..right? right!!

It is no secret that Terry is a friend to all and the first guy to help anyone in need. I think of all the MANY charities and fundraisers he’s spearheaded over the years.

After a little pressing, he revealed:

“It was a scary thought in the fall thinking I may have to close. I had both a financial analyst and a consultant come in. Each session, the discussion of having to close was in it….not something I wanted to do but  unfortunately was very close to. I’ve been scraping it out with the credit departments in what is like an intense chess match and so far staying in the game.”

A scary proposition and harsh reality indeed.  Doesn’t look like MM is close to being out of the woods yet- thus the call-to-action. What the hell are we gonna do? I know, let’s show MM how much we care about this wonderful place which has brought so much musical joy to so many throughout the years.

And really, can we afford anymore unemployment in this country? This state? How many great employees does MM have? And how many hundreds(thousands?!) of people have they employed since 1969? How many more in the next 45 years? It could end up none. Then where are you going to go for all the great music categories, in-stores and nicknacks found no where else? I for one cannot imagine never going up there to see Terry Currier sitting behind the glass working away, then upon seeing me he waves and makes the special effort to get up and come out to talk to me…like he does to anyone who visits.

I just went to the store and purchased Philip Norman’s new giant Mick Jagger biography, Carlos Santana’s new “Guitar Heaven” CD, the brand new Doors L.A. Woman DVD, a Frank Zappa T-shirt and an absolutely cool walking robot that’s almost a foot tall. How much for all that? Only $50.

My budget is tight, but I don’t need to go out tonight cuz I went out today and got a bunch of cool shit from one of the greatest places around!

Now its your turn to go and get a few cool things while giving back to one of the few businesses that always gives back. Enjoy!”




8 comments on “Don’t Worry Music Millennium, Help Is On the Way!

  1. OH NOOOOO!! Music Millennium is a landmark and a place that I cherished as a girl coming of age in the 70’s and ever since! I will be certain to let all of my buddies and music loving people’s to spend there money there!

  2. What does that mean, “got pinched for a substantial amount of money”? “Pinched” in the “robbed” sense? Does that mean theft, embezzlement or something else? Please clarify.

    • Hi Jeff. I mention in the article that those kinds of details are not for me to reveal…that’s not my place to run the risk of getting the wrong thing out there or misquote someone. Could also get very legal. The whole affair is a bit convoluted. Simply stated, it could be any one of the 3 you mentioned, but definitely one. Pinched is a good word to describe that someone has been “taken”.
      I would refer anyone to MM or Terry himself to explain his own issue and then he’s free to say whatever he feels is right. Thanx for your interest and support in sharing and commenting.

  3. I can never let a month go by without spending some money in that store-it’s a great habit to have. I am a former employee of Music Millenium and a musician that has had many of my products sold there, both my own and bands that I’ve produced. Terry is a great friend of mine. We have lost so many of the things that made Portland so cool and unique, we cannot afford to let MM go the way of the buffalo. Regardless of what anyone says Portland use to be a bit cooler when no one knew where it was. The one link we had to the outside world was Music Millenium. We have to remember if we let this store go it can never be replaced. There is way too much history that resides in those walls. Whatever it takes I beg everyone to do whatever it takes to keep this Portland landmark right where it is. When the NW store closed it broke my heart-so please let’s all collectively do whatever we can to keep it going.

  4. I worked for Terry (and Don McLeod) at MM for years before moving back to Bend in the mid 90’s. I’ve never had an employer that I liked and respected more than Terry. His work ethic, generosity and commitment to the local music community are second to none. Next to James Brown, I always considered him the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. It’d be a real shame to see this Portland landmark close its doors. C’mon P-Town! Show your support!

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