Exclusive Buko TV video interview w/ Black “N Blue backstage!

Typod’s exclusive interview with ALL 5 members of the original line-up, filmed just before going on stage to accept their award for outstanding achievement by the Oregon Music Hall of Fame and play a riveting set of stone-cold hits, obscure sleepers and newly penned rocker’s, from their May 13th scheduled release titled, “Hell Yeah!”

Admissions of torrid sex parties, legendary bar-room tabs or fist-fights with Axl Rose? Garden-row sized rails behind the amps? Not a chance.
However.. backstage in a secret room, the band intimately tells us about the importance of music education, their influences, touring details and how they all still get along at nearly 30 years…a rare beast in this industry. Perez Hilton’s got nothing on us, baby.

A Portland creation, Black “N Blue was formed 1981 by Cleveland, Lake Oswego and Sunset High School students, developing themselves into one of the forefront hair/metal bands of the period- and making an indelible mark & influence upon the genre.
They eventually attracted the attention of Gene Simmons, who subsequently Produced their next couple albums, helping to blow album sales in excess of a million units.
Jaime St. James later went on to join immensely popular and successful band Warrant, while Tommy Thayer kept in contact w/ Gene, eventually being invited to join Kiss in 2002- assuming “Spaceman”, Ace Frehley’s lead guitar position.

Buko was there from the very beginning with Two Louies Magazine, covering and shooting the band in virtually every show at the time. The entire Buko crew had an immensely great time hanging with these guys, and it was especially great for me to interview them.

Pssst! If you weren’t in attendance at the 2010 OMHOF Award Ceremony, you missed an all-star jam with the Kingsmen and Black “N Blue, along with various other legendary musician’s and Inductees. If you weren’t there, suffice it to say, you shoulda been!

The great part is, that now you can see a bit of what you may have missed, and meet these guys through Buko TV. Enjoy.

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