Garden of Eden Bass Player, Mark Van Der Werff Memorial

Marko passed away last night fittingly on Memorial Day. The Garden of Eden bass player was stricken ill w/ several major health problems a few months ago and had decided to take control and spend his last few days at home where he was most comfortable.

Garden of Eden is one of Portland’s most embraced metal bands. Headed by leader singer/ guitarist Dan Crenshaw, they’ve been on the scene at least since 1985, playing w/ the likes of Metallica, Ratt, Great White, B.O.C., Pat Travers and many, many more.
Marko brought a fit and style to this band that is simply described as…one-of-a-kind.

Surmounting medical bills w/ no viable insurance is a common place issue of our age, setting the scene for many years of political divide to come. The battle for  universal coverage where everyone pays something to share the load has been forever contrasted against the private sector, where everyman is for himself. While hard lines are being drawn and bitter arguments ensue, good people like Marko everywhere are caught in the trap.

several months in a hospital can generate astronomical costs.
It matters not whether a patient lives or dies, as the bills are generated regardless.

Please help show your love and support with many in the music community this Saturday in celebrating the life and music of one of PDX’ best and most dedicated players.

There will be no shortage of great music . 6 top notch metal bands will be there to help rock Marko to the heavens.

God speed Marko!

5 comments on “Garden of Eden Bass Player, Mark Van Der Werff Memorial

  1. Incredibly sad news about Marko. Marko signed Mambo Sons to his label “Omnicide Records” in 2000, and has been an avid supporter for the past 11 years, helping distribute our music worldwide. In this day of “commerce over art”, he was a true original who still believed that music comes first. He will be sadly missed and we go forward with broken hearts.

    Tom Guerra
    Scott Lawson
    Joe Lemieux

    Mambo Sons

  2. Marko always liked the heavier songs we recorded for Mambo Sons. He drove around blasting them in his car. He was a tireless supporter, and I wish I could have met him. Very sad.

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