Hell’s Belles

These four femme fatale’s project within feminine maelstrom of high voltage sound, but with a shot of testosterone you have to hear to totally appreciate. They no doubt bust their balls cranking out AC/DC like there’s no tomorrow. Crank it to the breaking point, look everyone in the eye, and pull the trigger.

I’ve seen the Belles’ audience get bigger every year, and it’s no wonder they do, because they always return packing just a little more iron and ferocity.

Dante’s must’ve had a trouble keeping the place cooled off at saturday’s show. The crowd was packed, the alcohol was pouring, sweat was steaming off of lead guitarist Adrian Conner and singer Jamie Nova as they puffed and pounded through so many of the Australian hard rock band’s catalogue, it would be daunting to list. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure I heard them cover much more than I expected. Hearing them burn through “Whole Lotta Rosie”,” Back In Black”, “Hell’s Bells” and “Dirt Deeds’ during the first set made it worth the trip. And nothings quite as good with your live rock and roll set than a little strip tease act, and mid show BA. At least we get to view Adrian’s buff derriere instead of Angus’ puny butt. After that we know we’re going to get the psycho Angus-like circle floor spindle guitar solo. Adrian ran around like a crazy clock hand and must’ve held that floor down for a good 2 minutes while blistering out “Thunderstruck”. She straddled, mocked, praised, saluted, and flipped off all around her and never stopped. Then she got up and continued the last section of the song pounding both feet on the mat. The crowd went wild.

Hell's BellesThey are touring in support of their recent CD, We Salute You, which exhibits their fine-honed skills as seasoned Professionals. Covering along with some well known songs like “Back In Black”, and for “Those About To Rock’, lessor known numbers “Walk All Over You”, and “Let There Be Rock”, are astoundingly accurate and heavy. “Riff Raff” is my pick of the litter for a great song that has never gotten the attention it deserved in the first place. Adrian knocks it out of the park, with stellar backbone support on rhythm guitar by Lisa Brisbois. These girls have the spirit within them to carry this torch a long way – And their packed audiences will help them with both arms shafted firmly in the air to greet them.

AC/DC may play seemingly easy licks, but seasoned guitarists agree few bands have been able to pull off such raw ferver and intensity as they do. It’s irresistably cool to hear and see women grabbing the wheel and drive one of the biggest monster trucks known to man…”All in the name of Liberty.”

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