Western Aerial; Geoff Metts, Kevin Rankin,

Western Aerial is L to R; Jimmy RichardsGeoff MettsKevin Rankin, before the show.

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OK. Since there were probably a total of 2 people in the city who weren’t in attendance…these shots are for you. For everyone else, the Saturday night’s show is forever burned in your collective minds as some of the best rocking by one of the most original bands PDX has to offer.

This was a spectacular event for the band’s premier with drummer, Kevin Rankin. Youdathunk him was their’s from the beginning, except for powerhouse exiting kick-drum-stretcher, Anthony Tripp was on hand to wish him well. Anthony’s presence kept it firm in mind who laid the bottom ground all these years- Six years and four albums worth of mind-blowing power that NO ONE will forget.
This is the kind of friendship and comradore these cats are made of, They always make everyone in attendance feel welcome as if we all too are members of the band!

As usual, onstage they pulled out all the stops, but this night was just a tad different… as it really belonged to Kevin. He was an absolute beast as he pounded his way through a mighty chunk of the band’s catalogue, showing he is more than ready to fill the shoes as the skin-man in this unique trio called Western Aerial.
The band was ever-so tight, the audience was Pabst fueled, sweat infused and dance-crazed, while gorgeous tattooed women swirled on the cat-walks above.
Geoff and Jimmy seemed at times amazed at the responsive brew of people.

Among the raised hands and fists, whiskey glasses and rapturous movement, left no doubts that the audience agreed!

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One comment on “WESTERN AERIAL- DANTES – 1/22/11

  1. I thought Western Aerial was good before but with Kevvy on the drums WOW! how awesome is that. How did you guys get him? isn’t he in a gazillion bands already. you guys must be too cool. see ya April 16.

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