_MG_4109 4659The 8th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert was once again a huge success. It was a great night of music and memories. This year’s inductees going into the Hall of Fame included:



Billy Triplett

Dr. Demento

Signe Anderson

Dave Carter

Billy Hults

Jay “Bird” Koder

The Dandy Warhols

Pink Martini

Album of the Year – Janice Scroggins “Piano Love”

Artist of the Year – Portugal. The Man


The show also featured performances by Dr. Demento, Nu Shooz, a heartfelt tribute to Janice Scroggins and the Norman Sylvester band. The show closed with an all star jam to Louie Louie.


Portland is a town with deep musical history. I moved here in 2001 and find myself still learning its massive musical history. I love being a part of the OMHOF team with the fact that I support and believe in their mission with music education. The board consists of a dedicated and caring team, who I am proud to call friends. With that said, when I go to these shows, I see some inductees I know and some I honestly I am not too familiar with. In past years, OMHOF help turn me onto people like Norman Sylvester. From that one show, it pushed me to seek him out live again and it even leads me to buy some of his music (at Music Millennium of course). This year’s show opened me up to people like Jay “Bird” Koder for one. That guy is a massive talent and is easy to see why he is being inducted. I think it’s great that organizations like OMHOF make sure these people get their credit due and that they are not forgotten, but forever remembered. Take Janice Scroggins for example. A staple in Portland music she was honored in the past, but now sadly she is no longer with us. It is good to know when she was alive that she knew she was loved and respected. That is a great thing with OMHOF. These musicians get celebrated for their hard work and it reminds these musicians that what they did in their life really mattered. That is what this organization is all about. I love that. I personally love helping with the behind the scenes interviews and hearing these people tell their stories. I am glad for the discoveries I have made and look forward to the ones still to come. These inductees may have impressed me as people, but it’s the stage where they are at their best. The jams between Norman Sylvester and Jay Koder for one were simply awesome. I have been a Nu Shooz fan for a long time (even getting through a local Sacramento radio station call to talk to Valerie back on their very first album) so it was great to see them play again. These are great people and these OMHOF shows are CAREER moments. It is good seeing our music history respected, preserved and from the charity work helps allow music to live on. Thanks to everyone on the OMHOF board and those behind the scenes. You all do great work. Thanks to those who go, support the cause and make it the success it is every year. I am proud to be part of OMHOF and look forward to the 9th annual.

OMHOF Photo Diary




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Heart & Brynn Marie @ Edgefield, OR (09-20-14)

IMG_1065 150As summer comes to a close, what better way to say goodbye to it with an outdoor Heart concert? Heart is a Pacific Northwest treasure and they are so loved in this part of the country. Personally, I have been a fan for years. I first saw them in the mid 80s and they blew me away. Vocalist, Ann Wilson was and is simply one of the best singers out there. No one sounds like her or comes close. Her sister Nancy is strong on guitar and this lady is simply fun stuff. Nancy has an acoustic and electric sound all her own. These sisters through various incarnations of the group have made some really great music. It was great to have them back on the concert stage in support of their most current cd, Fanatic. The band came out to a strong crowd welcome and got the show on a rocking start with their classic Barracuda. Their set was packed with hits from throughout their music career with 70s classic songs like Magic Man, Crazy on You and playing 80s hits like Alone and These Dreams. The band threw in a cool cover of Paul McCartney & Wing’s Let Me Roll It, played the cool unreleased song, Heaven and did a three encore of Led Zeppelin songs closing their show with Misty Mountain Hop. It was a fun show, but I am a Heart hard core. This band has so many great albums so it’s hard to play everything. After the Heartbreaker tour, the Zep songs could have been dropped. How do you follow their version of Stairway to Heaven after the last tour? Last night’s encore could have gave us songs like Love Alive, which is a Stairway in their own and one of their best songs. I personally have seen Ann and Nancy play acoustic, electric, and solo, in other bands so I have some deep cuts favorites I really miss and am one hard to really satisfy I guess. I loved when they brought back songs like City’s Burning for example. There are lesser known albums like Jupiter’s Darlings I would love to hear in its entirety. Honestly, I remember when Cheap Trick would do album nights and play an album completely on that specific night. Can you imagine? I would go to every album show. I still enjoyed their show at Edgefield so take me wrong, but all the Heartmongers would understand me. Speaking of Edgefield, a few things were odd to me last night. This is a venue that sells out regularly and is a great outdoor venue in our area. However, last night seemed really dark stage lights wise. The Wilson sisters deserve that spotlight, but a lot of the times the light simply did not shine bright enough on them. I pushed what camera shots I got just to see them. “Pro” cameras were not allowed as well as no video like usual even though cell phones with HD recording capabilities recorded stuff all night. The photo thing is an old annoyance of mine and the restrictions should stop as long as things like no flash are respected to not interfere with the show. Anyway, the other thing about Edgefield was the backdrop behind the band. At times, you could clearly see cars driving behind the band on the road, which was an odd distraction. The sound was good though, but the stage creates a certain mood and feel so they need to improve on their stage show. A band like Heart deserves so much better that that. Go see Heart play at Seattle’s EMP for example as I have numerous times if you want to take in that visual experience as well. For us much fans pay these days to see a show, it should be an unforgettable experience. With that said too, take away the reserved seats. They kill the energy and let the general admission crowd of hardcore fans free. The connection a band has with its audience is crucial to its performance. Ann at one point even did that every thing telling fans to come up and that helped fuel a powerful version of Crazy on You. Overall, Heart still sounds strong as ever, delivers a great concert and will be missed until their next sold out show.
IMG_1059d 100Kudos to opener Brynn Marie too. She opened the show and put on a great stripped down acoustic set for the fans. Her voice was strong, she seemed really genuine and for those like me who went down and saw her at the merchandise booth after the show, she was a really sweet lady. There are great musicians like this waiting to be found so get to that show on time or you will miss out. Thanks for coming Brynn, thought you were great and love the cd. Please come back soon.



Photos link



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PDX Spotlight : Lucy Gray

IMG_3100 150I am a strong supporter of local, original music. There is a wealth of talented musicians especially in the Portland area music scene that deserve your attention. The music business has really changed over the years and it is up to the fans to search out all the talent that gets overlooked. If we want our bands to be successful, we need to make our voices heard so we can help these artists. This is one reason I got involved in the PDX Spotlight show project. This show is putting a spotlight on our local artists so you can hear their music, get to know the artists and from that hopefully inspire you to go out and see these people perform live. We have some great music venues in this area hosting some awesome musicians so what are you waiting for?

One such band of musicians is Lucy Gray. The Portland band is fairly new just celebrating their first year together. However, these musicians, Chris Margolin (Vocals), Josh Myer (Guitar), Christopher Ficht (Bass) and Dan Lawrence (Drums) are far from rocker newbies. They have played over 4,000 shows in the past decade alone. Personally, I was introduced to the group when they opened for another great Portland band, One From Many. The band put on a great live show. I was glad that PDX Spotlight put their “spotlight” on these guys. One thing really stood out to me when I saw the show’s taping. These guys love playing music together. You could easily see the joy and excitement they share playing music in the live environment. This is a rock band. This is what they know and it’s what they do. Aside from the live performance, these are some really fun guys. There is a love and respect for each other and that showed in their interview portion. I didn’t see the big egos, but a brotherhood. This will be a great PDX Spotlight show to see when it officially airs in the coming weeks.

IMG_3101 150

The band has an EP, Crimson, which is available now. The EP is a six song collection of rock tracks that needs your attention. The EP was recorded in record time and captured their live performance well. The EP was not heavily produced, but one that was basically push record, capture the live sound and that’s it. There is some great guitar work throughout with some especially cool guitar sections in the song OldTown. This is a cd worth checking out. In an era of declining music sales as the music business declares, do what I do. Go to the band’s merchandise table and give them the money directly to them. Lets make sure the money goes to the right people, who truly deserve it. These musicians work hard, a lot of time making little money so please support local music like this. Rock music is not dead like Gene Simmons of KISS recently was interviewed saying. Rock music is alive and well especially in Portland, but it is just a little harder to find without the previous radio support, music business support or even seeing the music videos on MTV when they actually played music. Check out Lucy Gray. Sign up for their newsletter, Like them on Facebook, keep an eye out for the PDX Spotlight episode, but most importantly go see these guys live. It is where they shine.


Lucy Gray (Facebook and Crimson EP)

PDX Spotlight

Brent Angelo Photography Photos



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Rock Rules – “80s Week” Road Report

80s ad 72dpi

Being a person, who experienced the 80s music scene first hand, it always rubs me the wrong way when I hear that time referred to just because of the hair. There was a big hair style at that time yes, but there was some great bands then making some great music. It was a fun time for rock n roll and I have so many great memories from that time. The years have past, but its great seeing musicians from that time still doing well, still rocking and some being better than ever. On a recent Florida vacation, I had the privilege of revisiting some great bands at a 80s Rock Weekend in Largo, Florida fresh off the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Here is what I was lucky enough to catch.

Night One – 80s Unplugged Night

Frank Hannon (Tesla), Mike Tramp (White Lion) and Ron Keel (Keel)

When I saw Frank Hannon listed to play while were in Florida, I had to go. Being born and raised in Sacramento, Tesla is something special to rock fans there especially for my wife and me. That was our hometown band that did good and made it to the big time. Tesla made great music, put on monster rock shows and just made us all proud to be Tesla fans. The special rock bonus with living in Sacramento was those “other” rock shows. Tesla members would do side projects for fun and we always were there for the Frank shows. He could play solo, Kaleidoscope, Moon Dog Mane, whatever…we were there. To me, this guy is the real deal music wise. He may shine in Tesla, but overall this guy can play anything. I have seen him play rock, blues, funk, you name it. Frank has a great musical feel and sound all his own. He is a great song writer, passionate guitar player and one of my favorite overall musicians. In recent years, Frank has shown he is still a force doing some great work inside and outside of Tesla. I was blown away by his Six String Soldiers cd. If you want a great rock n roll cd….check that one out. He also did a really cool acoustic cd, Gypsy Highway that this showed leaned to. I was stoked to hear these tunes live as I haven’t had a chance yet. He did not disappoint. Frank is always a blast, puts on fun shows, jokes with the crowd and even playing songs by request. In a jam, Ron Keel joined Frank and his bass player buddy, Aaron Leigh onstage to do some songs they did together on Ron’s new cd, Metal Cowboy. Keel is great live. I was impressed with him in the jam and during his solo set. The guys also brought out Mike Tramp from White Lion and did a great jam of Neil Young’s Rocking In The Free World. This show may have been billed as acoustic, but rocked! Thanks to all the guys for hanging out with the fans. We appreciated it.

Night Two = Vixen

When I saw this band listed the night after Frank, I knew it was to be a rock n’ roll weekend. I have been a Vixen fan from their early days. I bought their self titled release when it came out. I always loved that record. The first show I saw of theirs was an acoustic charity show called Rock For Toys put on by local 93 Rock. I loved their songs and it was after meeting the ladies that they really impressed me. They were not ego rockers, but some of the sweetest people I have ever met music wise. I actually got a Christmas card from them put it that way. They put out a couple of cool cds before going different ways. It was years later when VH1 got the band back together for an episode. As a long time fan, I remember watching the show and just being happy to see them all playing together again. There were still some tensions you could see. I can only imagine the life on the road and surviving in the crazy music business. However, they put things aside and made a great reunited episode. I was jealous and wish I could have been there for that reunion show. I hoped a true reunion would happen, but it did not, but almost. It came to light recently that the differences were finally put aside, but sadly just as the reunion was in the works, Jan the lead guitarist from the group passed away from cancer. That was a shock and hit me hard. She was a cool lady and great guitar player. She is truly missed. In her loss, Gina Stiles stepped up to help the band continue once again as Vixen. When all the ladies walked out onstage, I felt a happiness as it had been so long since I had seen them live and didn’t know if I ever would again. The Rev It Up tour was a long time ago put it that way. It was just so great seeing them all again. They still sound great, still look as great as ever and put on a great show. Lead singer Janet Gardner and Gina were a little under the weather. From the sounds of it, it sounds like the MOR Cruise was a crazy party. Even a little under the weather, they all played strong and gave the fans a great show. The band introduced a new song in Jan’s memory. Janet read lyrics off a sheet as it is still very new. You could see the loss still hurts them and made the song hit even harder. It was so great seeing Vixen once again. I look forward to seeing what they do next album wise and really look forward to their next show. Vixen is BACK folks!

Overall, it was a great time for all those who went. The days of the big arena rock shows might be a thing of the past, but these musicians still give the kind of performances they used to. There is still much talent here. Take advantage of the chances we are now given to see these great shows in more intimate venues. These musicians were great then are even better now.

Photos from the shows

Frank Hannon/Mike Tramp/Ron Keel –

Vixen –


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Six Pack Live, Me and You too

1391689_681953918490976_53979473_nThe wild rock n roll weekend (01-17&18-14) known as Six Pack Live is officially in the history books. The show was put on by local musician/promoter, Jason Fellman, who showcased some of Portland’s best tribute bands as well as some cool original music all for a killer deal ticket wise. Twenty dollars bought you two days worth of live music six bands, and fun so you won’t find a better deal than that even on Groupon! The 2 day show line-up consisted of Jennifer Batten (former guitarist for Michael Jackson), Shoot to Thrill (AC/DC Tribute), and Appetite For Deception (Guns N’ Roses tribute) all playing night #1 while One From Many (great new Portland band), Jukebox Heroes (Foreigner Tribute) and Stone In Love (Journey Tribute) all played night #2. Portland is really lucky to have a wealth of musical talent in this town. The music scene here is also like a tight knit family and these shows are simply rock n’ roll parties to get the whole family together. Bands like Appetite For Deception for example really try and go the extra mile by doing their homework and present you with an experience as close to the original as possible. The band looks and sounds like Guns in their glory days. This is no cover band, but a full scale tribute to a legendary time in rock history. There is no one better than the other. Each band was great in its own. Jennifer Batten showed off her guitar talents and brought chills with her solo rendition of “Dirty Diana”. Shoot To Thrill brought back the heavy and much loved rock anthems of AC/DC even jamming “Long Way To The Top” with the bagpipes. Appetite for Destruction were intense as always even bringing it down some to do a couch set showcasing GNR’s best acoustic work. One From Many kicked off day two. This is a great new band well worth checking out. This was to be their debut of their “electric” set. Even being a little under the weather did not stop the band and they still gave the crowd a cool set of their original music. Jukebox Heroes took us back to the 80’s paying tribute to Foreigner. Lead singer, Rich Ray is simple an awesome front man. Stone In Love, who do a great Journey tribute closed the two day affair. With these shows, I got to hang with some good friends, made some new ones and basically had a ton of fun. Thanks to Jason Fellman, the musicians and those behind the scenes who helped make it possible. You all rock.

With that, I also want to say something. I really appreciated Jason for making these shows not just tribute bands, but also about the original bands as well. I have lots of love and respect for someone like Jennifer Batten. The woman is a wealth of guitar talent and technique. She is someone I never get tired of watching and listening to. With a band like One From Many, these are the kind of bands we need to be supporting. They are good guys, working hard and doing everything they can to be heard. The music scene is just so different than it used to be. The once get your song on the radio or MTV even is a thing of the past. Social media is huge tool, but grass roots support is more important than ever. The musicians who graced the Roseland Theater stage are mass in talent and it’s really up to us, the fans to keep their fire burning. Personally, I am a simple blue collar worker, have a great wife and two awesome kids, but I try to support these musicians and people as much as I possibly can. These are people I believe in and truly respect. I try to give back through things like photos pushing everything my camera and I can do or even here helping at Buko to help get the word out. I got some ideas and will see what I can come up with to really push that envelope. Musicians need our help and I am here to help fight on the front lines. So, support original bands and their music, buy their full cds or vinyl (not just the single tracks on iTunes), spend more than you should at their merchandise tables, buy advance tickets for the shows, and simply say thank you at the end of the night for all the hard work. I wouldn’t be where I am at without them. Rock Rules because of them!

Ps To my many rock friends, new and old, I love you all like family. It is always a blast rocking out and spending time with you at the shows. I am very lucky to have made so many good friends. You are all the coolest bunch of people and make an already great rock show a true PARTY!


Day #1 Jennifer Batten, Shoot To Thrill, and Appetite for Deception

Day #2 One from Many, Jukebox Heroes and Stone In Love –


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A Hollywood Vampire in Portland

_MG_7702 150In the mid 80s, one band clawed their way out of the happening Sunset Strip music scene and found fame on rock radio and MTV. LA Guns. The band’s founder, Tracii Guns was a key figure in the Sunset Strip scene even being an original member of Gun N’ Roses in their very first incarnation. Tracii would leave Guns N’ Roses and take his band to their own fame. Fueled by Phil Lewis’s vocals and Tracii’s guitar sound, the band became a favorite of the rock fans all over. From their first cd in 1988, the band has made 10 studio albums while playing live all over the world. Tracii would also play with bands outside of LA Guns.. He did stints in Brides of Destruction and even the super group, Contraband in 1991. Needless to say Tracii has been there done that when it comes to rock n’ roll. When I saw him listed to the play the Tonic, I knew I had to go. The venue is intimate and in your face. Tracii was listed to play with Andrew Freeman (Offspring/Lynch Mob) and would be an acoustic performance. Sweet. The songs of LA Guns really shined acoustic especially with the way Tracii transferred his power packed guitar parts to his trusted 12 string. Andrew’s vocals were strong and breathed new life into the songs. Songs like the Ballad of Jayne were expected, but songs like Never Enough, Rip N Tear, and Electric Gypsy were a BLAST. The show may have been acoustic, but it felt electric to us in the crowd. The band was having a lot of fun too making jokes with the fans and simply letting go on the music. Fans would shout at requests at times and Tracii was quick to oblige. Highlighted requests included a cool version of One More Reason sung off the cuff by Tracii and a fun take on Jimi Hendrix’s Red House. There were also touching moments on Crystal Eyes, Its Over Now and of course the Ballad of Jayne. For any fan of LA Guns, this set of music is a must do and the show really gives those songs we all love a whole new depth. I hope the band finds time to record a performance to put out and really capture the magic that is happening right now. I was so thankful to be one of the few shows that were played (so far). I was also thankful for the band being so cool to the fans after making time for photos and autographs. There were no egos or attitudes here. This is the kind of show every rock fan wants. You get an in your face cool performance and after you get to hang out with the people whose music you love. So, thanks for coming to the Portland area and bringing some cool songwriting history with you. Come back anytime. We will be waiting.

By the way, kudos to the Tonic Lounge. In the last few months, they have been stepping up their game and really getting some good talent to play there again. The club recently had Gilby Clarke, just had Tracii Guns, and has shows coming up from the likes of Michael Schenker and Lynch Mob.  This club is bringing the rock to the fans and reminding people in Portland they are a goto rock club. Keep the good shows coming. They also have good food and drinks.

It’s Over Now

Don’t Cry

The Ballad of Jayne

Never Enough

Brent Angelo Photography Photos

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The Trail Band Delivers Christmas Gift at the Aladdin

IMG_7489 150

I will be honest to say that I did not know a lot about the Trail Band and their music. I am a Quarterflash fan so I was curious to see Marv and Rindy’s work outside of that band. I planned on going to one of the shows at the Aladdin Theater and I am so glad I went. I was told that the shows were family friendly so it was a lot of fun to also take the kids with us. The shows at the Aladdin (two matinees and two evening performances) are benefits for the Friends of the Children charity and it was great to see a packed house when I got there in support of the cause. When the music started, I then found myself surrounded by the sweet sounds of the holidays. There were the traditional standards of the holidays like the Nutcracker Suite to holiday tunes spiced up Ventures style! This was no ordinary concert and truly a nice surprise. The Trail Band consists of Marv & Rindy Ross, Mick Doherty, Phil & Gayle Neuman, Eddie Parente, Cal Scott and Dan Stueber. After just a few songs, it was easy to see the talent in this group. The band would change instruments numerous times throughout the night showing off their diverse playing abilities. You could also easily see the joy and happiness this group has playing with each other. These people are funny stuff too. Band members told holiday stories and brought laughter to the crowd. Music director, Cal Scott for one was a highlight sharing his early Stingray Christmas story (hilarious) and guest Scott Parker (awesome) played the character of a 1st grader, Harold, who told his comical version of Christmas story. The story was inspired by his daughter telling the story with her dolls. The Immaculate Conception will never be the same. Scott also played the Grinch, who sang with the band. Other musical guests included Linda Hornbuckle and Stephanie Schneiderman both sounded amazing. This show turned out to be my favorite holiday present yet. The show really captured the season for its meaning and through its music. The best part is that it helps kids in need as well. It is a win win. This is the 20th year of the group so I have some catching up to do as they have quite a bit of music available. I got some cds this year and will not miss this show in the future. This is a true gift of a show at the holidays and a special way to get together with friends and family. Happy Holidays Trail Band and thanks for making my holiday season more special.

Photos from the show –

Here is a great cd that I bought (along with Snow on the Roof)….check out more here

Trail Band

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Tonight Alive Rocks the Hawthorne

IMG_6594 150


By accident, I came across an article on Tonight Alive’s headlining tour, which was to make stop here in Portland at the Hawthorne Theater. The interview featured Jenna McDougall, who is the bands lead vocalist. In the article, she was upbeat and fun. Her overall attitude was cool and honestly refreshing. From that article, I looked into her band, Tonight Alive. From samples, the band’s sound was a nice mix of pop and punk. I loved the samples I heard and knew I needed more. I made the trek over to Portland’s best music store, Music Millennium, which of course had their new cd in stock. Their new cd, The Other Side is great and I became addicted to it with the first listen. I would highly recommend it. IMG_6595 albumThe cd starts off strong with the Ocean and never lets up. The band’s music is strong and Jenna’s voice shines throughout the cd. At the age of 21, she sounds more like a seasoned veteran. Other album highlights are Lonely Girl and Come Home. With the live show nearing Portland, I knew I had to check out this band live, who were doing their first headlining tour of the States. Tonight Alive is all the way from Australia. They did not disappoint either. Their show was high in energy and a blast. Jenna for one was even better live. She was vibrant, intense and with the band’s music she soared live. It was easy to see and hear the crowd’s dedication singing lyrics word for word. They jumped, screamed and loved every second. This band is truly loved in concert. I was impressed and really glad I went to the show even if it was a “work” night. I would suffer a little in the morning, but it was worth it. With that, I even hung around after the show to maybe shake a few hands, give the band some thanks and let them know I appreciated them coming to Portland. Strangely, that never happened. Most of those who came left after the show, but some hardcores remained. I felt bad for the ones remaining especially those who brought gifts. I saw one with that box of Voodoo Donuts and was so jealous of the band as they sounded so good. In the big venues, bands simply cannot meet all their fans, but when there are maybe 20-30 fans left, that is easy and doable. These fans are the backbones to all the bands and they should be respected. I left with a slight disappointment, but I would not let it get in the way of a great night of music. For any music fan, it is always awesome to see a great show especially in a small venue, which this was. As a total bonus to that same music fan, it is always cool to see the band after the show. On this night, Tonight Alive was almost the perfect rock show night. Thanks to the openers too.

Photos from the show




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The 7th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Bukodotnet 150

The 7th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame concert is officially in the record books. This year’s concert proved to be one of the best to date. This year’s inductees included

Chris Botti


Poison Idea

Kelly Joe Phelps

Richmond Fontaine

Janice Scroggins

Gregg Williams,

Mayor Bud Clark

Marty Hughley

2012 Album of the Year – Curtis Salgado “Soul Shot”

2012 Artist of the Year – Esperanza Spalding

Musical performances included Portland’s own The Kingsmen, who this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of their worldwide hit, “Louie Louie,” one of the most recorded songs in music history, Quarterflash played with band mate and inductee Gregg Williams and Richmond Fontaine, another one of this year’s inductees also played. The show was hosted by Tony Starlight. This is a really special show to attend. Not only are talented people celebrated for their storied careers, but the proceeds go to support music education programs ran by the Hall of Fame. This is a great organization of people and I am glad to be a part of it. There were guitars auctioned off, awards given and there was some smoking live music. Richmond Fontaine were cool, Quarterflash amazed and the Kingsmen rocked especially on the closer and jam of Louie Louie. With working at, I was lucky to be a part of Buko TV, which chronicled interviews from many of the performers and inductees. It is so fun to hear these people tell their stories, joke and even jam on the set’s classic piano. Keep an eye for the videos. Overall, this year seemed to show the Hall of Fame gets better and better with each passing year. I thank all the people at the Hall of Fame, my friends at Buko, the crew, the staff at Classic Pianos and most important the artists for making this a special night of music fun. Bring on 2014.

Photo diary


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UPROAR Festival ROARS From Start to Finish!

Uproar 150


I went to the UPROAR festival this past weekend. All I can say is “It was AWESOME”. The line-up was strong featuring Alice In Chains and Jane’s Addiction as main headliners, but the festival also had a long list of great talent to play as well. Four headlining acts would play the main stage inside the Sleep Country Amphitheater and two small outdoor stages were built in the parking lot for numerous other bands to also play. The festival promised to give you a full day of rock n’ roll and they sure kept that promise. Doors opened at 2pm sharp and soon after the guitars and amps came to life. Local favorites, Witchburn from Seattle kicked things off strong. Their heavy rock sound easily won over the rock hardcore’s braving the mid day heat. I personally love this band and was glad they were able to be part of the festival. Other great bands to follow would include Windowpane, Charming Liars, Beware of Darkness, Mindset Evolution, and Middle Class Rut. These bands were all new to me, but each band in their own impressed, rocked the stage and helped make the outdoor festival a solid show. One of the musicians I was looking forward to seeing was the always intense, Danko Jones. This guy is pure rock n roll intensity on stage and made one of the more fun, rocking’ acts. He joked with the crowd throughout his set, but made no jokes while played his songs. This guy gave it everything he had and delivered one powerful set. I also was really looking forward to seeing Walking Papers, which features Duff McKagen (GNR), but there was one act before them to go, The Dead Daisies. I had seen their name listed, but didn’t know much of the band. However when they came out, I sure KNEW the band members. WHOA! The band is made up of current Guns N Roses members Richard Fortus (guitars). Frank Ferrer (drums) and Dizzy Reed (keyboards). To round out this all star line-up was Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Nugent on bass), David Lowy (guitar) and fronted by Jon Stevens (INXS). Oh my freaking God these guys killed it! The blistering heat was no match for the cold chills I got from their songs at times. Their songs hit me hard fueled by classic rock sounds, blues and even some southern rock. The whole band was simply on fire and was without a doubt one of the best performances of the day. To close the “outdoor” portion of the festival was the band, Walking Papers. Without even hearing a track on their cd, I bought their cd a while ago when I first heard Duff McKagen played on it. He is a musician you can always count on for making great rock n roll songs and he also proved once again that statement is true. Along with Duff (bass) are Jeff Angell (lead vocals, guitar) Benjamin Anderson (keyboards) and Barrett Martin – (drums), these guys combined made for a sonic powerhouse of a cd. I love their self titled cd and in concert their songs sounded even heavier. It was great to see them play as I have been looking forward to it for a while. As a cool bonus Richard Fortus of GNR came back out and jammed with the guys as well. Sadly the “outdoor” portion came to a close. Rock fans had already been given a solid day of rock n roll and we hadn’t even gone inside the amphitheater yet. It was time to recharge and get ready for the next round. I didn’t know too much about Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria, but enjoyed both of their sets. The next act would be Jane’s Addiction. This is one band I have always liked, but somehow have missed live. Tonight I would finally cross that off the bucket list. With members Perry Farrell (lead vocals), Dave Navarro (lead guitar), Stephen Perkins (drums) and Chris Chaney (bass), Jane’s Addiction was super cool. They sound great on record, but live they shined. Dave Navarro for one was simply amazing on guitar. To close this great day of rock was Alice In Chains. These guys were one of the key players in the Grunge scene and showed why they mattered so much then. Their songs are fueled by heavy guitar parts ala Jerry Cantrell. So when you add in that combined vocal sound of Jerry’s voice with William DuVall (vocals), you get that classic Alice In Chains sound. Their set topped off an exhausting tour de force of rock.

I thought the bands I saw were all great. I would easily pay to see them on their own and some I already have numerous times. To have this much talent on one bill was a real treat for this rock fan. I thank the people at Rockstar Energy Drinks, Zippo Lighters, Coldcock Whisky and UPROAR for putting shows like this together. The outdoor stages for one made me feel like I was at the clubs. It was intimate and exciting. It was also very cool how the musicians made time for the fans signing cds, taking pictures and so on. It was back to basics, pure and simple. UPROAR was simply a festival that gave every rock fan what they wanted and this rock fan was well satisfied that day. Same time next year? I’m there!

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