_MG_4109 4659The 8th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and concert was once again a huge success. It was a great night of music and memories. This year’s inductees going into the Hall of Fame included:



Billy Triplett

Dr. Demento

Signe Anderson

Dave Carter

Billy Hults

Jay “Bird” Koder

The Dandy Warhols

Pink Martini

Album of the Year – Janice Scroggins “Piano Love”

Artist of the Year – Portugal. The Man


The show also featured performances by Dr. Demento, Nu Shooz, a heartfelt tribute to Janice Scroggins and the Norman Sylvester band. The show closed with an all star jam to Louie Louie.


Portland is a town with deep musical history. I moved here in 2001 and find myself still learning its massive musical history. I love being a part of the OMHOF team with the fact that I support and believe in their mission with music education. The board consists of a dedicated and caring team, who I am proud to call friends. With that said, when I go to these shows, I see some inductees I know and some I honestly I am not too familiar with. In past years, OMHOF help turn me onto people like Norman Sylvester. From that one show, it pushed me to seek him out live again and it even leads me to buy some of his music (at Music Millennium of course). This year’s show opened me up to people like Jay “Bird” Koder for one. That guy is a massive talent and is easy to see why he is being inducted. I think it’s great that organizations like OMHOF make sure these people get their credit due and that they are not forgotten, but forever remembered. Take Janice Scroggins for example. A staple in Portland music she was honored in the past, but now sadly she is no longer with us. It is good to know when she was alive that she knew she was loved and respected. That is a great thing with OMHOF. These musicians get celebrated for their hard work and it reminds these musicians that what they did in their life really mattered. That is what this organization is all about. I love that. I personally love helping with the behind the scenes interviews and hearing these people tell their stories. I am glad for the discoveries I have made and look forward to the ones still to come. These inductees may have impressed me as people, but it’s the stage where they are at their best. The jams between Norman Sylvester and Jay Koder for one were simply awesome. I have been a Nu Shooz fan for a long time (even getting through a local Sacramento radio station call to talk to Valerie back on their very first album) so it was great to see them play again. These are great people and these OMHOF shows are CAREER moments. It is good seeing our music history respected, preserved and from the charity work helps allow music to live on. Thanks to everyone on the OMHOF board and those behind the scenes. You all do great work. Thanks to those who go, support the cause and make it the success it is every year. I am proud to be part of OMHOF and look forward to the 9th annual.

OMHOF Photo Diary




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