The Red Rocker STILL Rules

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In the mid 80s, a collaboration happened that forever changed me and my love of music. With the departure of David Lee Roth, enter Sammy Hagar in Van Halen. The original Van Halen lineup was something special, but Van “Hagar” was a whole new band. I personally never liked the comparisons. Sammy Hagar was a musician, who already had a huge storied musical career. His first big success was fronting the legendary Montrose. When he left them, he had huge success as a solo artist as well. He stepped away from all this and with remaining Van Halen members went to the next level. Some criticized Sammy saying he ruined Van Halen, but he truly saved Van Halen and helped take them to their highest success. Their music hit me hard like no other. I took in countless hours of listening and it was my first Van Halen show that truly blew me away. The music sounded huge and more powerful in concert. The energy and passion with those guys live was second to none. Those shows were packed, sold out and WILD. Those were great times. In that time, I always believed Sammy was very underrated in is his guitar playing. When he came to Van Halen, he brought a new song writing style and would give Eddie a run for his money. This is guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen, but Sammy pushed him to play even better when they traded off. When those guys would go back and forth on stage, it was simply magic and FUN. I was lucky to be a front row fanatic numerous times then and will never forget being there when it mattered the most. That was stuff of legends. It was one thing to hear those songs live, but now I got to see how those parts were played up close. I was in total awe. It was also during that time, I discovered Cabo Wabo. It began as a song that grew into a killer rock club. The year was 1992, shortly after it opened and Cabo San Lucas was not as it is today. There were dirt roads and not the fancy destination everyone knows it now to be. It was at Cabo Wabo I first met Sammy. I then saw him in a whole new light. He was my music hero and I was nervous to meet him, but then I saw him minus the fame and celebrity being one of the nicest down to Earth people I ever met and have known. He was so cool to me and I will never forget that. He was one of rocks biggest, but you would have never known it. He hung out at the club making food; joking with everyone and he even got me my first “drink”. Cabo became a home away from home for me. I would go back numerous times over the years and while Van Halen was ruling the world during that time, Sammy secretly treated fans in Cabo to his storied musical career. I took in all the classic solo Hagar stuff (even getting Sammy to do When the Hammer Falls for me which was KILLER), heard the classic Montrose tunes and heard some cool covers as well. He treated us to new music, experimented live and jammed with friends at times too. Cabo Wabo was a special place and magic happened each and every time he played there. One thing about those days that remains special to me is the connection I made with Sammy. There were moments at the time that surpassed even my dreams. I always respected him too and I think that was part of it. He always treated me like a true friend. It was surreal. I remember walking into the club and seeing my photos on the wall, walking around the corner to get a joking chokehold…”Brent, buddy you made it”, it was just silly. During my first trip, I took a photo that Sammy and the club owners really liked and would later use for all kinds of promotions like posters, shirts, everything you could imagine. The life-size painting/artwork of my shot was crazy too! It was so humbling and so cool for me. It was not about the money or copyrights then; it was all about helping support a place that meant everything to me. When I was there, I felt cool and special. This front row fanatic was living a dream down in Mexico. There are so many amazing memories and things that would happen in Cabo and back home in the States during those years. At one time, I remember sitting in the recording studio and thinking “Am I dreaming right now?” It was crazy and awesome. I helped with an early fan club that would take me a ton of West Coast and Texas shows. (I would even later on contribute to a Sammy documentary). Pretty cool stuff. It was also during this time, I made some great friends at Cabo. The Waboritas are all awesome people and musicians, but I also made new life long rock friends waiting in those lines and partying next to. It was like a rock n roll family and I loved them all still do. This was before the internet was like it is now. So Cabo soon would get more attention online and the best kept secret got out. At the same time, some things in my life began to change like getting married, moving and having kids. It became harder and harder to go back. I miss Cabo so much, but I also know it is way different now. For one, the people I loved going with can’t go like they used to either. I still miss the music and those rocking good times. Even though I lost contact with Cabo, I stilled stayed a Sammy hardcore. I would go see him at every chance I got even flying down to see him for his book signing. It was cool seeing him at the book signing and it was funny when he first saw me “Where the hell have you been?” with that big Sammy joking smile and a huge hug. It felt great to be remembered and made me feel good that I really gave him something back after all he gave me. I wanted him to know I am still here for him and let him know that I missed him. So, When I heard the Four Decades of Rock tour was coming to Washington, I had to make the trek up North. He doesn’t tour like he used to so I will take any chance I get. This tour showcases his musical history throughout his career and even including some new songs from his up and coming album. It was a great, fun show. When Red for example started, I STILL gets chills and did. I have to admit a lot of those songs are like time capsules for me to good times. He still sounds great and he looked like he still loves doing what he does on stage. He is one special human being with an awesome musical career. In the beginning Sammy the musician was my hero, but in the end Sammy the person forever impressed me and still does. Much love to my Red Rocker. Right now, he is STILL king in my book.

Photos from the show –

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Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Press Conference

Here is the official information on this year’s Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. There are videos available as well to watch the announcement as it happened at Tony Starlights in Portland. Support a great organization and cause.

BukoThe 7th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) Induction Ceremony and Concert will be held again this year at the Aladdin Theater on Saturday, October 5 at 7 p.m.

The event, which honors 10 Oregonians who have significantly influenced the world of music, is a benefit for school music programs. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, an artist must have been born in Oregon, and have worked professionally in the music industry for at least 20 years – or have worked professionally in the music industry for 20 years after moving to Oregon. Awards will also be presented for “Album of the Year” and “Artist of the Year.” Tony Starlight, whose intimate supper club is a Portland favorite, will once again conduct proceedings as Master of Ceremonies. Musical performances will include Portland’s own Kingsmen, who this year celebrate the 50th anniversary of their worldwide hit, “Louie Louie,” the most recorded song in rock music history; Quarterflash, who had a platinum selling album that included the worldwide hit “Harden My Heart”; as well as Richmond Fontaine, one of this year’s inductees. Along with rousing musical performances, 15 autographed guitars will be at auction – with 100% of proceeds going directly to music education in Oregon schools. Celebrities who signed this year’s guitars include John Prine, Steve Earle, Steve Miller, Flaming Lips, John Densmore (of the Doors), and Michael Franti. Elliot, Powell, Baden and Baker, as well as Berkeley North Pacific joined forces to provide title sponsorship for the 7th Annual OMHOF induction. Additional Sponsors include The Benson Hotel, Danish Marine Yacht Services, Portland Radio ProjectKGON-FMKINK-FMWillamette Week,Oregon Music NewsGoodguyradio.comThe SkannerPortland Observer, Five Star Guitars, and Portland Music. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. VIP tickets, which include prime seating and other amenities, are available for $100. Along with admission to a catered after-party with inductees, VIP ticket-holders will receive an autographed Gary Houston poster. Tickets are available at and at the Aladdin Theater box office. For up to date information, check out

Drum Roll, Please!


CHRIS BOTTI: Trumpeter and composer Chris Botti was born in Portland and grew up in Corvallis. He picked up the trumpet at age nine. After playing in the clubs in Portland while still in high school, Chris ended up at IndianaUniversity. He then went off to New York where he played with Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich before playing and recording with Paul Simon for 10 years. He has since played or performed with Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, Bette Midler, Joni Mitchell, and Sting among others. He has released 13 albums including 3 reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard Jazz charts. He has had five Grammy Award nominations and won one at this year’s awards.

HAZEL: Hazel came together in Portland in 1992. Pete Krebs, Jody Bleyle, Brady Smith along with dancer Fred Nemo made a big impact on the then alternative rock scene in Portland. They were signed to the Sub Pop label releasing two albums. Hazel’s music was unlike most of the then grunge sounding bands on Sub Pop, then again their music was unlike anything anyone was doing at that time. Their shows are legendary with Fred’s dancing presence enhancing the music of the band in a very unusual and exciting way. In 1997, they released an EP before officially calling it quits but have from time to time got together for a reunion show including last year at MFNW.

POISON IDEA: Poison Idea began in Portland in 1980 by vocalist Jerry A. They have had numerous band members over the years but will always be known for Jerry A. and Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts as the main constants most of those years. Their debut album came out in 1983 and the have since had over 30 releases between albums, EPs and singles. Their music was influenced by the hardcore music that was going on in California, however their music had an influence on numerous bands over the years including Machine Head, Zeke, Turbonegro, Pantera and Nirvana. Their live shows were energy packed and often included fire-breathing finales.

KELLY JOE PHELPS: Kelly Joe Phelps grew up on folk and country music but gravitated to jazz and playing bass. He began discovering the legends of acoustic blues and moved to playing blues and roots influenced music on guitar. He released his debut album Lead Me On, on Portland’s Burnside Records in 1995. He has since released an additional 10 albums moving into many different directions of roots music including his critically acclaimed 2012 release Brother Sinner & the Whale. He regularly tours around the world. His playing has been featured on countless albums by such artists as Townes Van Zandt, Tony Furtado, Greg Brown and Jay Farrar.

RICHMOND FONTAINE: 20 years ago at Portland Meadows as vocalist /songwriter Willy Vlautin and bassist Dave Harding were picking the horses and talking music, they decided to form a band. Since then Richmond Fontaine has been churning out a very unique and exciting form of Americana music. Their first 3 releases came out on Portland’s own Cavity Search Records and they have released 10 albums in all. Their music really hit a nerve in Europe where they regularly tour and have received tremendous press including Uncut Magazine naming two of their albums,Post To Wire and The Fitzgerald, masterpieces.



JANICE SCROGGINS: Janice Scroggins moved to Portland in 1978 and has been a permanent fixture on the music scene here. She was part of the band The Esquires who made three albums with Portland’s Flying Heart label, which also included OMHOF inductee Carlton Jackson. Her solo album Janice Plays Scott Joplin was well received and received a Grammy nomination. She’s one of the most in-demand pianists in town playing with the likes of Obo Addy, Norman Sylvester, Lloyd Jones, Thara Memory, Curtis Salgado and Linda Hornbuckle to name a few, both live and in the studio. She can play all genres of music but is most heard on the blues and gospel scene. Her second release came out in 2009, a duet album with OMHOF inductee, Linda Hornbuckle.

GREGG WILLIAMS: If you look up Gregg Williams, you will find over 250 credits of albums he has played drums on, produced or engineered. He has recorded with and/or toured with the likes of Quarterflash, Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper, Nu Shooz, Jerry Joseph, Pete Droge and Emmylou Harris to name a few. He’s played in most all the clubs in Portland and has also played 15,000 seat rooms. He is the owner of Trench Studios in Portland, but he is often found traveling to work with artists at other studios around the country.



MAYOR BUD CLARK: In 1984, Bud Clark, the owner of the Goose Hollow Inn, ran for mayor of the City of Portland against Frank Ivancie. To help pay the campaign debts an event called the Mayor’s Ball was organized with many from the music community of Portland offering their services to play. Mayor Bud Clark then sanctioned a Mayor’s Ball each year for the next four years as an annual charity event. This event showcased up to 70 Oregon based artists during the night including many OMHOF Inductees. His contributions and support of the musical arts in Portland during his eight years in office was up and beyond anyone who has served as Mayor of Portland.

MARTY HUGHLEY: Marty Hughley started his music career at Music Millennium in the early 80s. In the mid 80s he started writing for the Willamette Week part time but soon took on the position of full time music editor. Marty’s support of the local music scene could be seen in his writing and you could see Marty out at live show most nights of the week. In 1990, he became a music critic at The Oregonian, a position he held for more than 16 years, until he made a change to theater and dance. He continued his support and coverage for both local musicians and local music events and to many a reader, and was one of the cities main information sources to find out what to be on the look out for and who to go see.



CURTIS SALGADO:  There were many incredible albums by Oregon artists in 2012 but the honors go to longtime Oregon artist Curtis Salgado. Soul Shot was his first solo album to come out on Alligator Records. It also proved to be the best album of his career. Curtis picked up a Muddy Award for “Best National Blues Album.” He also recently took home the Soul Blues Album of the Year Award along with Soul Blues Male Artist of the Year and B.B. King Entertainer of the Year honors in Memphis at the Blues Music Awards.



ESPERANZA SPALDING: Esperanza Spalding is the 2012 Artist of the Year, an honor she took once before in 2010. Her album, Radio Music Society, hit #10 on the Billboard Pop Charts, as well as #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts. She was nominated for three Grammy Awards and won for Best Jazz Vocal Album and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists, which she shared with OMHOF Inductee Thara Memory. She also received Best Contemporary Jazz Album at the Soul Train Music Awards.


Videos from the press conference

Introduction, Show Info, Sponsors, OMHOF board members, and includes inductees Chris Botti and Richard Fontaine

Inductees – Hazel

Inductee – Kelly Joe Phelps 

Inductees – Poison Idea and Janice Scroggins 

Inductees – Greg Williams and Mayor Bud Clark, Album and Artist of the Year and Show Performance Announcements.  closing 

A few photos from the event too

Some COOL bonus too. Jon Koonce gave all in attendance a special treat with his solo acoustic performances. Here are a few cool samples

Keep The Home Fires Burning

His Mother’s Prayor



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Waterfront Blues Festival 2013

IMG_2034 150After four days of great music and fun, Portland’s 26th Annual Waterfront Blues Fest is now in the history books. When I first heard Robert Plant was to headline Sensational Sunday (nick named after his band, the Sensational Space Shifters), I knew I had to go. When I looked into the festival, the four day lineup included an impressive lineup of performers. Along with Robert Plant, there was the likes of Mavis Staples, Jon Hiatt, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Taj Mahal to name a few of the headliners. I thought the $50 four day pass was a super deal for music fans. The festival is not just a great music festival either, but at its core is a huge benefit to support the Oregon Food Bank. The goal set this year was to raise one million dollars. After the four days, the goal was surpassed raising a staggering $1,315,000. Just as impressive were the number of people, who turned out for the festival. From the first day, the crowd was enormous even reaching its max capacity limit of 100,000 people on Thursday. The weather was perfect so everyone was ready to take in some killer blues music. I enjoyed early on seeing the DK Stewart Sextet. I have heard great things about Joe Louis Walker and now I know why. He played guitar and sang with such emotion. His band was smoking easily winning over the huge crowd. He even got a rare encore from his great response even though the stage managers (like Blues stage Bill) who kept this festival impressively on time. It is so hard to credit all the great performances too as there were many. It was equally challenging to see all the musicians you wanted to see and hear. There were four stages at the Waterfront and music was everywhere. If you weren’t racing from one stage to the next one to catch the next great act, you were getting pulled in by the awesome smells coming from the food courts. I personally enjoyed seeing the likes of Jon Hiatt, Mavis Staples, Eric Burdon & the Animals and of course Robert Plant was simply awesome. The really cool thing about this kind of festival was it is a great way to see new people play. For me, I saw the North Mississippi All-Stars, the Dusty 45s were on fire (literally at one point), Allen Stone made the huge crowd dance (and make a real memory!), Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe were smooth (playing an impressive after party in style as well), Sandi Thom impressed me earlier at the original Music Millennium store and on the more intimate Crossroads stage, Robert Randolph and His Family Band were awesome especially when Taj Mahal showed up as a surprise guest to jam and the list goes on. These musicians might have been new to me, but earned my respects. There was so much great talent on those four stages each displaying their own unique talents and styles. Even though I took in a lot of music, I feel I must have missed a lot too. This is an event you really need multiplicity to truly appreciate the whole thing. For me in the end music wise, Robert Plant ruled. I have so much love the man especially with his work in Led Zeppelin. He kicked things off in style with Joan Baez’s Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You that he and his former band mates covered on Led Zeppelin I. His voice sounded strong and he showed no signs of age. This guy still has it in my opinion. In his set, some Led Zeppelin songs were given a new flavor and musical twist while some songs like Going To California sounded just like its classic recorded version which gave me cold chills. Robert Plant has always been true to his blues roots even showcasing them in various bands through his career. One song for me was a standout. Fixin’ To Die was powerful and moved me. Originally, the song was written by Mississippi blues legend, Bukka White circa 1940. I found myself intrigued so I looked up Bukka and got one his albums. Those early songs by Bukka sound so cool so real and I found myself getting immersed into these new songs I just discovered from only 73 years ago. The roots of our rock n’ roll music go deep. I am so thankful for recorded music so I can still appreciate these talents. With that, I want to say thanks on that note to Music Millennium and their festival store as I spent a bunch of money there allowing me to take some of this great new music home with me after the festival. I will also say thanks to all the staff and volunteers. It was a epic festival in size but the festival was always in control. There was little waiting, shows were always on time, food lines were short, crowds were organized so I applaud you all. In the end, all the sponsors, organizers, musicians and fans help make this event a success, one that will contribute to a great cause. I appreciate that there are organizations like the Food Bank. We cannot always count on our government to fix the problems of our world especially in our own country so I think that is great that we as people come together and fix the problems ourselves. The Food Bank does crucial work that will help so many people in need. For four days, music lovers are treated to amazing music, but for the rest of the year many more will be treated to things most of us take for granted. Go Oregon Food Bank…they are the ones who really rock.

Here is a link for some photos I got from the festival….enjoy

Here is a cool clip of Robert Plant doing the Bukka White blues classic Fixin To Die


IMG_1213 150

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The Alleged Album – Get it NOW!

IMG_0728 150One From Many just celebrated their new cd release, The Alleged Album with a pair of live shows in Portland last week. First, they played an in store at Music Millennium, Portland’s best record store scoring some new fans and signing some cds along the way. They even had a few kids dancing in the aisles. They followed the in store performance with a cool show at the Analog Theater. The intimate setting made for the perfect location to play their stripped down set. Family, friends and fans were all in attendance to show their support. The energy was high right from the start with a powerful version of Prodigal Son. They followed that with one of their very best songs, Headstrong. The band threw in a few unreleased songs, but mainly highlighted songs from their new cd, which I highly recommend. Opening acts included Rob Daiker, who produced the Alleged Album and Haley Johnsen, who did a nice solo acoustic set as well

Honestly, I have been a fan of their music from my first listen. One From Many’s music is from the heart, real and probably one of the best cds I have got in along time. There is true talent in this band. A good example would be their lead singer, Andrew Supina. The songs he writes come from a deep place inside him some of pain and some of joy. He means what he says on record and gives everything of himself onstage. Off stage, he is humble and a down to Earth kind of guy. With his former band mates  (Joshua McCormick and Joe Von Hagen) from the band Farcry along with their newest member, Joshua “Trigger” Elie, the band One From Many is complete. It is people and musicians like this that are so worth the support. I love that I am supporting local artists and honestly they could easily rival the “big” shows music wise. They could go far if given the chance and I believe in them. The Alleged Album is officially out now and can be purchased easily on iTunes (with two bonus tracked mixed by DJ UltraTOM), through their website or pick up one at one of their concerts. It is a solid cd from start to finish. The Alleged Album should be the next “album” you buy!


One From Many 2iTunes (get the original limited edition Alleged version while they last. Also a few remaining 2006 Farcry cds can be found here as well)




Here are some photos from last weeks show

Music Millennium – https://www.facebook.csom/media/set/?set=a.600399943312211.1073741836.504776716207868&type=1&l=e9eee7026c

The Analog Theater –

“Headstrong” from the Analog show (in One From Many Style) –  

Change (video) quality available after playback begins for the best quality video setting of 720p on this clip

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The Zepparella Balloon Soars at Dantes

Buko 100


Anyone who knows me knows I have a deep love for Led Zeppelin. They were pioneers in music and their music still continues to influence and inspire. They are easily one of the bests. When the band came to an end in 1980 due to the late John Bonham’s passing, the rock world mourned with its huge loss. The live concerts are highly missed, but the songs of Led Zeppelin still lives strong on radio, played ceremonious through remastered cd sets regularly and there are even some talented musicians out there doing great musical tributes to that great era of rock n’ roll. One such tribute act is Zepparella, the all female tribute band to Led Zeppelin. These ladies would make the originals proud. With Noelle Doughty on vocals, Gretchen Menn on guitars, Angeline Saris on bass, and Clementine on drums, the music sounds strong paying much respect to these legendary songs. Guitarist Gretchen Menn for one showed her guitar mastery through the night even doing an impressive Dazed and Confused guitar bow solo. One thing Led Zeppelin is highly respected for is their monster low end section. John Bonham and John Paul Jones set the standard in this area, which Angeline and Clementine well represented throughout the night. Clementine threw done hard while Angeline moved and grooved heavily. Her passion for this music easily showed and she was as fun to watch as to listen to. With the music in top form, lead singer Noelle was allowed to soar on vocals. Song highlights included the rocking Communication Breakdown and an epic In My Time of Dying. These ladies know their Led Zeppelin and give us all what we miss so much. So, if you love the music of Led Zeppelin and love live shows, you really need to check these ladies out for sure. They are super cool ladies off stage as well so stop by and say hi.  Don’t forget to leave some money at the merchandise table too as these musicians work hard and every bit helps to support them.

y Gretchen Menn 100With that said, I got Gretchen Menn’s solo cd and all I can say is WOW. This lady has some serious talent. I blasted the “Hale Soul” cd all the way home. It is mainly an instrumental guitar cd, but does not just give the listener the usual boring shred fest. Her music shows enormous skill and talent. The songs are well crafted and fun to listen to. She easily impresses and simply shines in this epic journey of sound. I had a feeling the cd was going to be good from her show performance, but was blown away by what I heard on the disc. Man, I want this lady to come back already so I can hear this live too. So when Zepparella or maybe Gretchen Menn returns on her own, you better go as these ladies freakin’ ROCK. Thanks ladies. Miss you already.

Photos from the show


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Tesla’s Five Man Chinook Winds Jam

IMG_5070 (13) 150DPIWhen I heard Tesla was coming back to Chinook Winds, I knew that was a must do. The venue is intimate and a great place to see and hear live music. My wife and I did not only do one show, but got tickets for both shows. Tesla is known for selling the venue out and really mixing up the set lists over the two nights. The Friday show kicked off strong with I Wanna Live. However, as the songs progressed, it seemed as something was not right. Jeff Keith for example showed frustrations with the sound. The band played the songs like normal, but there was something missing that night. As a long time Tesla fan, I have seen many shows and know what these guys are capable of. It just seemed their chemistry was not the usual. To my wife and I’s surprise, they also left the stage a little over an hour after the show’s start and came back for one a one song encore. The 8pm show now ended around 9:15. That was not normal for the guys. So, when the time came for the second show, we didn’t know what to expect. The band again kicked it off with I Wanna Live and then blasted through a strong Saturday performance. The smiles and the chemistry were back. You could see it and it was infectious. The music once again had that passion and fire that these guys are known for. Their were some fun surprises like the band taking us back to the Five Man Acoustical jam days. It was great hearing the songs stripped down and seeing these long time friends still having fun doing what they do best. I loved hearing Into the Now acoustic and Paradise was a nice surprise. Tesla has a strong catalog of music and to their Tesla fans; they would have to play hours to totally satisfy us. The Saturday show gave us everything we wanted in that time. The rock, their chemistry and the energy were all there. After 25 plus years, these guys still make music that matters,  make music that packs a punch and always leaves us wanting more. As a person, who grew up in Sacramento, I will always have a special love for this group and its members. I look forward to seeing you guys again. I could use some more Lazy Days and Crazy rock Nights.


photos from the show –

Here is a video clip of the acoustic jam




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Ramble On Has Its Celebration Day @ Doug Fir

IMG_7108 72


I have been a Led Zeppelin fan for a long time. My music appreciation for them really soared when I picked up the guitar. I know it sounds cliché, but Jimmy Page for one blew me away. It was one thing to just listen to that incredible music, but to see and learn how it was played not to mention learn what he did to achieve those sounds was pretty amazing to me. That band as a whole was the first and one true supergroup. What those guys did music in their time is quite remarkable and in my opinion Led Zeppelin still is the greatest rock band of all time. Their impact on music was huge and it can still be seen today. Their legend still lives on and they are sorely missed especially on stage. I know Led Zeppelin can never truly happen again with the loss of the great John Bonham, but it would be great to see the remaining members play together again like those lucky enough to see the amazing reunion show at O2 Arena a few years ago. Their reunion is something the world holds it breath for and we all have fingers crossed. So until that day happens, there is a great band in Portland, who pays a wonderful tribute to our beloved band and its music. Ramble On brings takes us back to those missed days of rock n roll and gives us the opportunity to once again appreciate their music in the live setting. I thought their setlist was chosen well giving all of us who attended a nice selection of electric and acoustic classics. The show was sold out and PACKED. Even with the heat of the crowd, I still got chills when Ten Years Gone started for example. Other shining song examples were highlighted with the classic 18 string electric that Jimmy Page made famous. The legendary Stairway to Heaven and The Song Remains the Same were simply epic. Kashmir was massive in sound just like the original. Led by lead singer Rich Ray, whose impressive vocals and stage show helped pay a nice tribute to Robert Plant. Steve Adams had no easy task being Jimmy Page, but pulled it off well and would have made the man proud. Chael Emmett (bass and keys) and Merrill Hale (drums) solidified the low end an equally impressive feat since John Bonham and John Paul Jones were one of the bests. These guys gave us a intense and powerful reminder of what it must have been like to see those guys in their heyday. I was impressed and thankful for these guys to give us exactly what we miss the most in rock n roll.

 SilverLake opened the show and treated the crowd to nice selection of original tunes.

 Ramble On

The Battle of Evermore clip

Pictures from the show

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Dilana (New Album Preview Show)

IMG_6529 72dpi

Dilana returned to the Tiger Bar on Friday for a pre album release show. The show showcased some new songs from her up and coming new cd due soon as well as some of her classics and some sweet covers. Her “Portland Rockstars” sounded as good as ever. When they played here a year ago, some of the new songs were in their infancy. Now songs like Velvet Covered Stone sounded strong and epic. Someone Else was awesome. There were some cool previews and it was a nice teaser of what was to come. Dilana started a new track and opted not to. I wish she would have continued on. From what I heard, the song sounded cool and would have liked to hear more of what is to come. In due time I know. Dilana also played some cool covers from Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide to Joan Osbourne’s If God Was One of Us. These covers were powerful and really showed her singing talents especially in the acoustic format. Her arrangement of Zombie for example shined acoustically. It was a great Dilana show. I just wish more were in attendance. I am not sure what happened, but for those who didn’t go they missed out. For those like me who did, we got a rock n roll treat.  

Pictures from the show

“Zombie God” (The Cranberries “Zombie” with Joan Osbourne’s “If God Was One Of Us)

ps Show included the openers Never Awake – who played heavy metal hard rock.


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New Artist Spotlight – One From Many

One From Many cdIt is always awesome when you discover new music and a new band that simply blows you away. Last night was just that. At the Tiger Bar in Portland, One From Many celebrated their new cd with a listening party and played a special acoustic set featuring tracks from their new cd and even some unreleased material. They have a wide ranging sound. There is rock, there is pop, alternative, you name it. I think they have a sound that will appeal to a lot of people from all kinds of music tastes. After first listen to some of the new tracks, you knew this was a cd worth every penny. Their live performance proved to be just as good. These guys have a great chemistry on stage and you easily saw the joy they have playing together. The Tiger Bar was packed too. The stage setup looked sweet and made for a cool concert vibe. It was hot and sweaty, but no one seemed to care. The band played an awesome acoustic set and I am already looking forward to a full version of their show. If you are looking for new music, I would highly recommend this group. Buy their cd and support this great band.

 Band info

Photos from the show –

One From Many Record Release videos @ the Tiger Bar 03-15-13

“Wedding Song”

“Like A Ghost”

“Pieces of You”


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The Frank Hannon Band takes over Seattle


 I grew up in the Sacramento area and Tesla was our music “homeboys”. That town simply loved the band and Tesla made us proud. Amy and I used to go see the band members play around town all the time when they were on breaks, but I can easily we saw Frank Hannon the most. There were many weekends spent at the Boardwalk and Big Shots to name a few put it that way. Frank Hannon is honestly one of my favorite musicians. He plays with such a fire and passion each and every time I see him not to mention being such a down to Earth guy off the stage. His guitar playing is simply full tilt, but he always adds a soulful and bluesy element to it that really makes him shine as a player. Frank’s electric talents amaze and his acoustic playing is from the heart. I think he has really developed a sound all his own and I also feel is very underrated. He is much more than simply the guitarist too adding huge layers of vocals and bringing great songwriting to the mix. I have seen him play in Tesla so many times and have seen him in so many other bands, but will say his current project Six String Soldiers is one of his best performances. Fate would bring Frank together with vocalist Jeff Sandoval and guitarist Mike Araiza to make this killer new rock cd. To add to their new music chemistry, Frank would also get some of his music heroes (Dickey Betts, Rick Derringer, Dave Meniketti and Pat Travers) to play on the album that would give it an extra strong punch. The Six String Soldiers cd is a great rock n roll experience from start to finish. So,when I heard that the Frank Hannon Band (also consisting of Aaron Leigh on bass and Cortney DeAugustine on drums) were playing a show in Seattle I HAD to go. Frank and company did not disappoint bring their rock to Seattle. As great as the songs sounded on the record, they sounded even better live. The energy in this band onstage is immense. I am glad the people at Studio 7 put this show together. I never been there before and thought the venue was really cool. The venue is intimate, but has an openess to it that makes it feel like a big show. Honestly, the Frank Hannon Band does not have a lot of road dates which is too bad because this is one monster band live. I feel lucky that I got to see one of them and it was worth the roadtrip from the Portland area to see it. Some song highlights I would say were Lipstick, Smoke and Gasoline and I thought I’m Just Saying was incredible live. Frank also treated the crowd to a few Tesla’s favorites that included the Love Song intro (which has special meaning for Amy and I), What Ya Give and a rockin’ version of Modern Day Cowboy. In the end, Amy and I saw a great rock n roll concert and even though we were in Seattle, we felt very much at home with friends and music we love dearly. Come back soon FHB!!!


Check out the Frank Hannon Band at and buy their cd! There isn’t a bad song on the disc. I seriously need to see what I can do to help bring this band to Portland too. I know a lot of Tesla fans here for one and I know you all would have LOVED this show. I think we need to start an online rock n roll petition to bring them back. You all will thank me later. I will see what I can do and help someone I really respect and admire.  


Photos from the show


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