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IMG_3100 150I am a strong supporter of local, original music. There is a wealth of talented musicians especially in the Portland area music scene that deserve your attention. The music business has really changed over the years and it is up to the fans to search out all the talent that gets overlooked. If we want our bands to be successful, we need to make our voices heard so we can help these artists. This is one reason I got involved in the PDX Spotlight show project. This show is putting a spotlight on our local artists so you can hear their music, get to know the artists and from that hopefully inspire you to go out and see these people perform live. We have some great music venues in this area hosting some awesome musicians so what are you waiting for?

One such band of musicians is Lucy Gray. The Portland band is fairly new just celebrating their first year together. However, these musicians, Chris Margolin (Vocals), Josh Myer (Guitar), Christopher Ficht (Bass) and Dan Lawrence (Drums) are far from rocker newbies. They have played over 4,000 shows in the past decade alone. Personally, I was introduced to the group when they opened for another great Portland band, One From Many. The band put on a great live show. I was glad that PDX Spotlight put their “spotlight” on these guys. One thing really stood out to me when I saw the show’s taping. These guys love playing music together. You could easily see the joy and excitement they share playing music in the live environment. This is a rock band. This is what they know and it’s what they do. Aside from the live performance, these are some really fun guys. There is a love and respect for each other and that showed in their interview portion. I didn’t see the big egos, but a brotherhood. This will be a great PDX Spotlight show to see when it officially airs in the coming weeks.

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The band has an EP, Crimson, which is available now. The EP is a six song collection of rock tracks that needs your attention. The EP was recorded in record time and captured their live performance well. The EP was not heavily produced, but one that was basically push record, capture the live sound and that’s it. There is some great guitar work throughout with some especially cool guitar sections in the song OldTown. This is a cd worth checking out. In an era of declining music sales as the music business declares, do what I do. Go to the band’s merchandise table and give them the money directly to them. Lets make sure the money goes to the right people, who truly deserve it. These musicians work hard, a lot of time making little money so please support local music like this. Rock music is not dead like Gene Simmons of KISS recently was interviewed saying. Rock music is alive and well especially in Portland, but it is just a little harder to find without the previous radio support, music business support or even seeing the music videos on MTV when they actually played music. Check out Lucy Gray. Sign up for their newsletter, Like them on Facebook, keep an eye out for the PDX Spotlight episode, but most importantly go see these guys live. It is where they shine.


Lucy Gray (Facebook and Crimson EP) https://www.facebook.com/Lucygraymusic/app_204974879526524

PDX Spotlight http://www.pdxspotlight.com/

Brent Angelo Photography Photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.811048925580644.1073741889.504776716207868&type=1&l=835dd6bf66



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