Six Pack Live, Me and You too

1391689_681953918490976_53979473_nThe wild rock n roll weekend (01-17&18-14) known as Six Pack Live is officially in the history books. The show was put on by local musician/promoter, Jason Fellman, who showcased some of Portland’s best tribute bands as well as some cool original music all for a killer deal ticket wise. Twenty dollars bought you two days worth of live music six bands, and fun so you won’t find a better deal than that even on Groupon! The 2 day show line-up consisted of Jennifer Batten (former guitarist for Michael Jackson), Shoot to Thrill (AC/DC Tribute), and Appetite For Deception (Guns N’ Roses tribute) all playing night #1 while One From Many (great new Portland band), Jukebox Heroes (Foreigner Tribute) and Stone In Love (Journey Tribute) all played night #2. Portland is really lucky to have a wealth of musical talent in this town. The music scene here is also like a tight knit family and these shows are simply rock n’ roll parties to get the whole family together. Bands like Appetite For Deception for example really try and go the extra mile by doing their homework and present you with an experience as close to the original as possible. The band looks and sounds like Guns in their glory days. This is no cover band, but a full scale tribute to a legendary time in rock history. There is no one better than the other. Each band was great in its own. Jennifer Batten showed off her guitar talents and brought chills with her solo rendition of “Dirty Diana”. Shoot To Thrill brought back the heavy and much loved rock anthems of AC/DC even jamming “Long Way To The Top” with the bagpipes. Appetite for Destruction were intense as always even bringing it down some to do a couch set showcasing GNR’s best acoustic work. One From Many kicked off day two. This is a great new band well worth checking out. This was to be their debut of their “electric” set. Even being a little under the weather did not stop the band and they still gave the crowd a cool set of their original music. Jukebox Heroes took us back to the 80’s paying tribute to Foreigner. Lead singer, Rich Ray is simple an awesome front man. Stone In Love, who do a great Journey tribute closed the two day affair. With these shows, I got to hang with some good friends, made some new ones and basically had a ton of fun. Thanks to Jason Fellman, the musicians and those behind the scenes who helped make it possible. You all rock.

With that, I also want to say something. I really appreciated Jason for making these shows not just tribute bands, but also about the original bands as well. I have lots of love and respect for someone like Jennifer Batten. The woman is a wealth of guitar talent and technique. She is someone I never get tired of watching and listening to. With a band like One From Many, these are the kind of bands we need to be supporting. They are good guys, working hard and doing everything they can to be heard. The music scene is just so different than it used to be. The once get your song on the radio or MTV even is a thing of the past. Social media is huge tool, but grass roots support is more important than ever. The musicians who graced the Roseland Theater stage are mass in talent and it’s really up to us, the fans to keep their fire burning. Personally, I am a simple blue collar worker, have a great wife and two awesome kids, but I try to support these musicians and people as much as I possibly can. These are people I believe in and truly respect. I try to give back through things like photos pushing everything my camera and I can do or even here helping at Buko to help get the word out. I got some ideas and will see what I can come up with to really push that envelope. Musicians need our help and I am here to help fight on the front lines. So, support original bands and their music, buy their full cds or vinyl (not just the single tracks on iTunes), spend more than you should at their merchandise tables, buy advance tickets for the shows, and simply say thank you at the end of the night for all the hard work. I wouldn’t be where I am at without them. Rock Rules because of them!

Ps To my many rock friends, new and old, I love you all like family. It is always a blast rocking out and spending time with you at the shows. I am very lucky to have made so many good friends. You are all the coolest bunch of people and make an already great rock show a true PARTY!


Day #1 Jennifer Batten, Shoot To Thrill, and Appetite for Deception

Day #2 One from Many, Jukebox Heroes and Stone In Love –


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