The Trail Band Delivers Christmas Gift at the Aladdin

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I will be honest to say that I did not know a lot about the Trail Band and their music. I am a Quarterflash fan so I was curious to see Marv and Rindy’s work outside of that band. I planned on going to one of the shows at the Aladdin Theater and I am so glad I went. I was told that the shows were family friendly so it was a lot of fun to also take the kids with us. The shows at the Aladdin (two matinees and two evening performances) are benefits for the Friends of the Children charity and it was great to see a packed house when I got there in support of the cause. When the music started, I then found myself surrounded by the sweet sounds of the holidays. There were the traditional standards of the holidays like the Nutcracker Suite to holiday tunes spiced up Ventures style! This was no ordinary concert and truly a nice surprise. The Trail Band consists of Marv & Rindy Ross, Mick Doherty, Phil & Gayle Neuman, Eddie Parente, Cal Scott and Dan Stueber. After just a few songs, it was easy to see the talent in this group. The band would change instruments numerous times throughout the night showing off their diverse playing abilities. You could also easily see the joy and happiness this group has playing with each other. These people are funny stuff too. Band members told holiday stories and brought laughter to the crowd. Music director, Cal Scott for one was a highlight sharing his early Stingray Christmas story (hilarious) and guest Scott Parker (awesome) played the character of a 1st grader, Harold, who told his comical version of Christmas story. The story was inspired by his daughter telling the story with her dolls. The Immaculate Conception will never be the same. Scott also played the Grinch, who sang with the band. Other musical guests included Linda Hornbuckle and Stephanie Schneiderman both sounded amazing. This show turned out to be my favorite holiday present yet. The show really captured the season for its meaning and through its music. The best part is that it helps kids in need as well. It is a win win. This is the 20th year of the group so I have some catching up to do as they have quite a bit of music available. I got some cds this year and will not miss this show in the future. This is a true gift of a show at the holidays and a special way to get together with friends and family. Happy Holidays Trail Band and thanks for making my holiday season more special.

Photos from the show –

Here is a great cd that I bought (along with Snow on the Roof)….check out more here

Trail Band

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