Tonight Alive Rocks the Hawthorne

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By accident, I came across an article on Tonight Alive’s headlining tour, which was to make stop here in Portland at the Hawthorne Theater. The interview featured Jenna McDougall, who is the bands lead vocalist. In the article, she was upbeat and fun. Her overall attitude was cool and honestly refreshing. From that article, I looked into her band, Tonight Alive. From samples, the band’s sound was a nice mix of pop and punk. I loved the samples I heard and knew I needed more. I made the trek over to Portland’s best music store, Music Millennium, which of course had their new cd in stock. Their new cd, The Other Side is great and I became addicted to it with the first listen. I would highly recommend it. IMG_6595 albumThe cd starts off strong with the Ocean and never lets up. The band’s music is strong and Jenna’s voice shines throughout the cd. At the age of 21, she sounds more like a seasoned veteran. Other album highlights are Lonely Girl and Come Home. With the live show nearing Portland, I knew I had to check out this band live, who were doing their first headlining tour of the States. Tonight Alive is all the way from Australia. They did not disappoint either. Their show was high in energy and a blast. Jenna for one was even better live. She was vibrant, intense and with the band’s music she soared live. It was easy to see and hear the crowd’s dedication singing lyrics word for word. They jumped, screamed and loved every second. This band is truly loved in concert. I was impressed and really glad I went to the show even if it was a “work” night. I would suffer a little in the morning, but it was worth it. With that, I even hung around after the show to maybe shake a few hands, give the band some thanks and let them know I appreciated them coming to Portland. Strangely, that never happened. Most of those who came left after the show, but some hardcores remained. I felt bad for the ones remaining especially those who brought gifts. I saw one with that box of Voodoo Donuts and was so jealous of the band as they sounded so good. In the big venues, bands simply cannot meet all their fans, but when there are maybe 20-30 fans left, that is easy and doable. These fans are the backbones to all the bands and they should be respected. I left with a slight disappointment, but I would not let it get in the way of a great night of music. For any music fan, it is always awesome to see a great show especially in a small venue, which this was. As a total bonus to that same music fan, it is always cool to see the band after the show. On this night, Tonight Alive was almost the perfect rock show night. Thanks to the openers too.

Photos from the show




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