Y La Bamba on NPR

On the heals of an extended tour, garnering praise from the media and public alike, Portland stars of tomorrow Y La Bamba recently performed a mini-concert as part of National Public Radio’s “Tiny Desk” series. Mostly acapella, the concert allows vocalist Luz Mendoza to shine in a way only she can. Listen to the impromptu concert here and marvel.

Y La Bamba on NPR

“Anyway, I only bring this up, because, I predict, here and now, without hesitation, without equivocation, that one day, much sooner than later, Luzelena Mendoza is going to be a name on everyone‘s lips, nationwide. Worldwide.”

Editors/admins note: Almost a year ago, in a preview of their release “Lupon,” SP Clarke was the very first music journalist anywhere to predict stardom for Mendoza. His erudite prognostication is rapidly coming to fruition. Look for a new album from Y La Bamba soon. You can read SP’s previous review here

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